Spring 2023 Virtual Meet & Greet / Career Fairs

Engage with alumni and employer partners who are seeking interns, fellows or full time employees now or in the future. These events are terrific networking opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates/alumni or both health administration and our planning, public policy and informatics programs. More details and registration for our Spring events coming soon!

Spring Health Administration Meet & Greet/ Employer Networking Event

How it will work: Each employer will have their own Zoom breakout room where a small group of students/recent alumni will join you for approximately 15-20 minutes and then rotate to another group. This will continue until the last group has gone through, or by 6:30 PM, whichever comes first.

Participating Employers – Coming Soon!

2.24.23 | Spring 2023 Planning, Policy & Public Informatics Virtual Meet & Greet / Career Fair



How it Will Work: Prior to the event, you will receive a schedule of employers and the times in which they are presenting information sessions/Q&A’s about their organization and opportunities. Just log on to the zoom event at the time that the organization(s) of interest are presenting. No need to stay for the entire Meet & Greet/Career Fair, but just attend those ‘info sessions’ of employers you would like to hear from. You will go into individual break out rooms in small groups to learn about them and their opportunities and ask them questions. This will continue throughout the day from 10-4 PM EST.

How to Prepare: 1) Take a look at the following list of employers and research each 2) Once you receive the schedule prior to the event next week, highlight those with whom you’d like to visit 3) Practice a short introduction/pitch and have questions ready to ask the employers during their Q&A. 4) On the day of the event, dress in business attire (at least the top portion!), be ready to have your camera on (highly recommended), and have the schedule and employer participant listing with you. Log in a few minutes before the start of the information sessions/Q&A’s you’d like to attend and join their zoom breakout room when their session begins!

Participating Employers Include: Applied Energy Group, AECOM, Fehr & Peers, Choose New Jersey, Mathematica, Passaic County Planning & Economic Development, Middlesex County Office of Planning, Hudson County Office of Planning, Clarke Caton Hintz, New Jersey Office of Legislative Services, New York Housing Development Corporation, The Land Conservancy of New Jersey and more!