Visual Identity

To download the files on this Visual Identity page, you must be a Bloustein affiliate and understand that modifying or misusing the materials violates Rutgers University’s visual identity policies.

Right click to download any of the following files. They are in PNG format, which will work in all Microsoft Office programs.


  • The Rutgers informal seal, which had been used as a background element in the past, has been retired. The Rutgers Shield has replaced the informal seal as a stand-alone element. The official university seal has very limited use, primarily on official university documents, such as contracts and deeds and commencement-related items.
  • The Bloustein School gonfalon, which represents the school’s disciplines of planning (brown) and policy (peacock blue), is for official Bloustein School commencement and alumni-related use only. The gonfalon, and its elements (including the “windows” representation of the Civic Square Building surrounded by the school name), may not be used for any other purposes.
  • The Rutgers “Block R” (spirit mark) MAY NOT be used in conjunction with or in place of the Rutgers logotype, for official Rutgers communications, such as official notification letters of admission, letters for hire, contracts, and grant proposals;  combined with the Rutgers logotype and/or signatures; or for formal business purposes. IT MAY be used as a graphic within academic departments to promote spirit and social events. Anyone wishing to use the Block R mark must first request permission from the Office of Trademark Licensing.

Please contact Tamara Swedberg (, 848-932-2947) or Karyn Olsen (, 848-932-2814) if you have any questions about how to properly use the Rutgers-Bloustein signature or if you need a custom size or file format.

Black with Shield
White with Shield

Red with Shield




Red and Black with Shield

Red and Grey with Shield

Red and Black
Red and Grey


Formata font

Giovanni font

Please note that the informal seal, which was used often in the background of past PowerPoint templates, has been retired.

White Template

Red Brick

Blue and Green