Mission, Vision and Values


The mission of the Rutgers MHA program is to train entry-level and early-to-mid-level careerists throughout New Jersey and its neighboring regions for positions of increasing responsibility and leadership in the healthcare field, and to contribute to the health, economic, and social well-being of New Jersey and nearby communities through research, policy, and planning in healthcare.

Our graduates will be prepared to recognize and adapt to the challenges of a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Our practitioner-instructors provide our students with insights based on their broad industry experience, as well as an understanding of the challenges today’s health professionals will face as the field evolves. Our faculty is committed to advancing their professional expertise in the field of health administration, to ongoing innovation in instructional approaches and method, as well as contributing to the field’s knowledge base through research and service.


The Bloustein School’s Master in Health Administration programs strive to become top-tier, nationally-ranked programs in preparing entry-level, early careerists, and mid-career level healthcare leaders, in the rapidly evolving health administration profession. Our faculty, in conjunction with our Advisory Board, will energize our students to sustain their commitment to changes in approaches, processes, and strategies in the healthcare industry. In so doing, our students will become forward-thinking thought- and practice-leaders in healthcare, as the field faces future challenges and embraces future opportunities.


  • Excellence: Our MHA programs shall provide our students with curricular and instructional excellence.
  • Integrity: Instruction and mentoring throughout our MHA programs shall demonstrate to, and instill in, our students a lifelong commitment to the highest ethical standards and conduct.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Our MHA programs shall embrace diversity and support inclusion in recruitment and retention of students, faculty, staff, and stakeholders. Our faculty is committed to insuring a learning environment where differing experiences and perspective will be freely and openly debated, amid a culture of acceptance and mutual respect.
  • Innovation and Forward Thinking: The MHA programs are a committed to currency, relevance, and improvement in healthcare. Our program’s leadership and faculty shall continually adjust and update our programs through regular efforts to monitor and review rapidly emerging trends and services.
  • Continuing Professional Development: The MHA programs shall instill in our students an understanding of, and commitment to, the need for lifelong continuing professional development. Our leadership and faculty shall regularly review the field for bases on which to update and refine our competencies, instructional methods, and assessment modalities.