Holly Berman

Dissertation Title:

Targeting household food, energy, and water consumption for climate change mitigation

Dissertation Advisor:

Dr. Rachael Shwom, Dr. Cara Cuite

Previous Degrees

  • BS: Rutgers University, 2015, Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior

Contact Information

  • holly.berman at rutgers.edu

Research Interests

Holly’s research focuses on the social dimensions of resource consumption and climate change. She is a graduate research assistant in the Department of Human Ecology, working with an interdisciplinary multi-university team on a National Science Foundation grant, “Reducing Household Food, Energy and Water Consumption: A Quantitative Analysis of Interventions and Impacts of Conservation”. She is a Coastal Climate Risk and Resilience Trainee working to bridge communication gaps between scientists, policy makers, and coastal community stakeholders around climate adaptation issues. As a Center for Resilient Landscapes Fellow, she worked with the US Forest Service Urban Field Station team on their Stewardship Mapping and Assessment Project (STEW-MAP).

Teaching Experience

  • Intro to Human Ecology – Fall 2015


Berman, H.; Shwom, R.; Cuite, C. Becoming FEW Conscious: A Conceptual Typology of Household Behavior Change Interventions Targeting the Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus. Sustainability 2019, 11, 5034. https://doi.org/10.3390/su11185034