This page provides information on software that is available to you for your personal use and for your classes at the Bloustein School.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe has discontinued the licenses that were made freely available in the spring of 2020.  In addition, remote access to standard lab licensed machines is prohibited.  The Bloustein School will be providing licenses to students who need the software for the courses using it.  Other Students who need the software can obtain discounted licenses through this link:

Members of the Rutgers community can use the following anti-virus software on personally owned computers:
Cisco Immunet is available for Windows based machines:
Avira is available for Macs:

ArcGIS Desktop
Students can obtain licenses for ArcGIS software. If you’re interested in obtaining a license, or getting information on how the software can be installed on a Mac, please send an email to and we’ll send you the necessary information.

Students can get AutoCAD software for free from here:

If you would like to use Box for cloud based file storage, you will need to activate the service first. If you have not done that already, please use the sign-up link on this page:

You can then install the Box Drive software from here:

You can get a copy of EndNote for citation management here:

LinkedIn Learning
Members of the Rutgers community have access to LinkedIn Learning.  For more information, please see this page:

The Lumion Pro Student version is available if you need rendering software.  For more information, please see this link:

Microsoft Office
You are entitled to a subscription for Office 365 while you are a student at Rutgers. You can find more details about how to get the software here:

You can obtain NVivo Qualitative Analysis Software here:

Qualtrics Survey Platform
You can use Qualtrics to create surveys provided that they are related to the university’s educational mission and organizational goals. For more information, please see this link:

QGIS is a open source GIS software program being used by some of our courses. You can find out more about QGIS here:

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics.  You can download R and a free version of R Studio from these links:

You can download an fully functional evaluation version of Rhino for use for up to 90 days here:
The Bloustein School has also implemented a cloud based licensing solution for Rhino allowing licenses to be shared with students who are working remotely.

SPSS can be accessed or obtained in a number of ways:
SPSS is accessible in person in the computer labs at Rutgers and through the Rutgers OIT Virtual Computer Lab:

You can also obtain a license for SPSS to install on your own computer.  Here are some options:

Purchase a copy through an IBM sanctioned reseller.  One benefit of buying the software from such a reseller is that most of them offer 6 month licenses.  Here is a link to a list of resellers:
For example, On the hub offers 6 month licenses for $40 both Windows and Mac.

Purchase a license from Rutgers.  The software license expires each year on 7/1 and is not pro-rated. This means that you can buy the software in September or in May and it will cost the same amount, but you will have a much different period of time to use the software. The software license costs $100 and can be found here:

IBM also provides a 14 day trial version of SPSS and that can be found here:

Stata is accessible in person in the computer labs at Rutgers and through the Rutgers OIT Virtual Computer Lab:

A copy of the software can be purchased through the Stata GradPlan. You can get a 6 month license of the program for $48 here:

Students can obtain Stata to use for one week through a short term license request that can be found here:

If you have questions about any of this information, please send an email to