Student Email

Students use the Rutgers Scarletmail system for email.  The system is part of the Rutgers implementation of Google Apps for Education, which also includes ScarletCalendar and ScarletDocs.  Students are given accounts on Scarletmail during the on-boarding process and retain this account after graduation.  For more information, please visit: .

One task that you should address related to this account is changing the case of your name.  By default, your name will appear in all caps when sending messages.  This can be changed, by following these instructions.

Students who have an employee role at the university and use email for communications related to that role will need to obtain a separate account for such communications.  Rutgers University policy requires that all employees use an Office 365 account for work related purposes.  If you are a Bloustein School student and employed by Rutgers and need this email account setup, please contact us at