Rahul Jain

Dissertation Topic/title

  • Re-measuring human capital and its impact on regional development.

Contact Information

Research Interest

My research is centered around the question of human capital and its role in regional/state development. Fully appreciating human capital and its role in development requires comprehension of the limitations of our measurement of its properties and the adjustment or creation of new measures to apply new theories to understand its critical role in the development process. Questions surrounding the aggregation of human capital and certain types of knowledge within regions and/or states and the role of geography are also of interest. Planning and policy interests derived from this research area include education and workforce development efforts and their relationship with traditional economic development efforts of states and regions along with resource allocation implications for government.

Professional Experience

I currently work for a budget policy think tank focused on New York State and City issues, specializing in economic development and infrastructure financing and spending. Research output in this position includes blogposts, policy briefs, and research papers. I also field media interview requests and manage social media accounts. I have also worked on a number of research papers for the Upjohn Insitute with professors and research staff at Rutgers and the University of Pennsylvania.

Teaching/TA Experience

  • Science, Technology, and Human Values. Georgia Institute of Technology. Fall 2009.