Bloustein School Student Hardship Fund


In an effort to provide support to our degree students at a time in which they face incredible challenges, the Dean has developed the Bloustein School Student Hardship Fund.  Its purpose is to provide resources to students of the school experiencing hardship, attempting to address specific, unexpected, and extraordinary problems.

School faculty and staff have connected with students over the course of the past several weeks that have and are struggling with difficulties along these lines, and we encourage those experiencing such hardship to apply.

All applicants that present a narrative along with any supporting documentation will be considered. There are limited resources, and as such, please know not all requests will not be fulfilled.  This Spring 2020 application can be found here and will close on May 8, 2020.  Calls for applications are made and reviewed on a semester by semester basis.

Students will have the opportunity to “give back” by undertaking a work assignment, internship, or other targeted projects, given individual capacity and ability.  Opportunities will coincide with respect to the school’s mission and will be assigned a coordinator who will link them to activities and options.

For any questions, please see Steve Weston at

Follow the link below if you are interested in donating to the Bloustein School Academic Excellence Fund to Alleviate Student Hardship.