Current Students

Undergraduate students that are declared Bloustein School majors fall into one of the two following categories:

Joint Degree Students

  • A Rutgers-New Brunswick student who has declared one of the Bloustein School majors while remaining in their primary unit (SAS, SEBS, SMLR, SOE, etc.)
  • The student is required to complete the core curriculum of their primary unit AND the Bloustein major requirements.


Direct Admit Students

  • A student that is admitted directly to the Bloustein School either by transferring from an outside school or completing a school-to-school transfer from within Rutgers.
  • The Bloustein School is the student’s primary unit. The student is required to complete the Bloustein School General Education requirements, the major program requirements, and follow the school’s academic policies and procedures.
  • The Bloustein School does not require completion of a minor or second major for Direct Admit students.
  • If interested, Direct Admist students may pursue a combination of Bloustein School programs (two majors or major/minor).

Degree Requirements

  • Students in SAS and SEBS or another professional school should consult their dean’s office regarding their school’s degree requirements.
  • For Direct Admit students, your undergraduate degree includes:
    • Completion of the Bloustein School General Education Requirements
    • Completion of a Bloustein School major program
    • A minimum 30 credits completed at Rutgers, at least 12 credits completed in the Bloustein School
    • Completion of a minimum of 120 degree credits
    • Meet the minimum 2.000 cumulative grade-point average