Application Cycles

Students in the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS), the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS), and Rutgers-New Brunswick professional schools who wish to declare a Bloustein School major must complete the Application for Declaration of Undergraduate Major.  The applications are reviewed on a cyclical basis prior to the peak times in each semester (add/drop period, pre-registration, and end of term) and summer session. Dates are subject to change with certain updates to the Academic Calendar.

Once you apply, you will be notified of the admission decision via email on the notification date. During the fall and spring, this will assist newly admitted students in pre-registering for the next term as a major.

Students admitted during summer may have the opportunity to change fall course registrations to majors-only courses after declaration. However, certain courses may be closed and special permission numbers may not be available.

The 3-day application periods will accommodate students who miss the deadline for the main cycles during the fall and spring semesters only. 

Note: If a student misses the 3-day application period, they can apply for the next main cycle. Although the application form is accessible at all times, the decisions will only be provided on the notification date of each cycle.

Spring/Summer/Fall 2023 Application Cycles

Application Cycle
Dates to Apply Notification Date
End of Term April 18 – May 19 May 22
Summer Cycle I May 27 – June 23 June 27
Summer Cycle II July 4 – July 26 July 31
Summer Cycle III August 5 – August 24 August 28
Add/Drop Period September 5 – September 14 *Rolling Basis*

Spring/Summer/Fall 2023 3-Day Application Cycles

Application Cycle Dates to Apply Notification Date
End of Term May 23 – May 25 May 26
Summer Cycle I June 28 – July 1 July 3
Summer Cycle II August 1 – August 3 August 4
Summer Cycle III August 29 – August 31 September 1

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