Giving Back

The mission of the Bloustein School is to create just, socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable and healthy local, national and global communities.

With more than 5,000 alumni across the United States and around the world, Bloustein School alumni can make a difference.

The Bloustein School is continually striving to expand our relevance in critical areas and meet the needs of the community at large. We foster a highly-collaborative academic, scholarly and professional environment, preparing students to be the planning, policy and health leaders of tomorrow, conducting cutting-edge, policy-relevant research and scholarship, cultivating leadership in public engagement and community service, and addressing the crucial policy issues of our time.

Support Bloustein

The Bloustein School supports a wide variety of educational activities, including undergraduate programs, master’s degree programs, and doctoral degree programs, as well as outreach programs and conferences for professionals and alumni.

The Bloustein School serves as Rutgers University’s premier center for the theory and practice of planning and public policy. The school’s graduate urban planning program is ranked #3 the nation among schools of planning and accredited by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning (ASCP) and the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB). The public policy program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), and the school is a leader in areas such as smart growth, transportation policy, workforce development, urban redevelopment, energy and environmental policy, public health, and conflict resolution. The Master of Health Administration was awarded accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) in early 2021. In 2023, the MHA program was ranked #32 among almost 100 graduate health administration programs, and is ranked #1 in New Jersey.

The undergraduate public health major became one of the first standalone baccalaureate programs accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) in 2016. College Factual has ranked the Bloustein School among the Top 10 best colleges for a major in public health since 2016. In 2018 and 2019, the program was ranked the #1 program for veterans interested in studying public health.

Support from alumni, friends, and partners enhances the school’s ability to educate the next generation of professional leaders, and to achieve national distinction in both our research activities and degree programs.

We invite you to make a gift and make a difference for students and faculty by supporting one of the following dedicated funds.

Bloustein School Academic Excellence Fund

Gifts to the Bloustein School lead the way in academic excellence and inspire the next generation of professionals to tackle society’s most challenging problems. The Bloustein School Academic Excellence Fund supports undergraduate, graduate, and faculty initiatives that promote academic excellence across the departments, programs, centers, and institutes.

Edward J. Bloustein Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established at the time of the founding of the Bloustein School in 1992, the Edward J. Bloustein Memorial Scholarships are provided to select, meritorious scholars in the pursuit of their academic goals, with deference to deserving students in financial need.

Edward J. Bloustein School Alumni Association Endowed Graduate Fellowship

Endowed by the Bloustein School Alumni Association, this fellowship provides a meritorious award to a full-time graduate student annually.

Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Student Hardship Fund

In an effort to provide support to Bloustein School students during times in which they face incredible challenges, the Dean Office and Bloustein Advisory Board developed the Bloustein School Student Hardship Fund. Its purpose is to provide resources to students at the school experiencing hardship, attempting to address specific, unexpected, and extraordinary problems.

Mary Ann and Steven J. Allard Fellowship in Planning and Public Health

Awarded to direct-admit undergraduate students pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health or graduate students enrolled in the MCRP program, with preference given to public health candidates.

Dorothea Berkhout Bloustein School Staff Professional Development Fund

The purpose of this fund is to provide at least one annual award to support professional development for staff of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy working in administration – e.g., including but not limited to HR, finance, IT, development, events and facilities, alumni relations and outreach, student affairs, communications, and departmental or dean support.

Design Makes a Difference Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship will be used to support undergraduate students at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. Preference will be given to students majoring in Urban Planning and Design.

Governor James J. Florio Endowed Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Public Policy

The annual Governor James J. Florio Distinguished Visiting Scholar of Public Policy will be a former senior government official or policy practitioner, focusing on an issue that was central to Governor Florio’s legislative and gubernatorial career. The scholar will meet and interact with Bloustein School graduate and undergraduate students and faculty and will also present a featured public lecture at the school. Read more about Gov. Florio and his impact.

Health Administration Program Student Support Fund

Funds will be used to support graduate students enrolled in the Health Administration Program at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy through recruitment, fellowship awards, and student travel to conferences or competitions.

Stephen K. Jones Master of Health Administration Memorial Scholarship

Recipients will be selected among graduate students enrolled in the Master of Health Administration program. Awards are based on academic merit and financial need.

Robin and Robert J. Nardi Endowed Scholarship

Recipients are to be selected among full-time undergraduate Bloustein students based on academic merit and financial need.

Graduate Fellowship for Social and Environmental Justice

Awareness of the long-standing challenges affecting disadvantaged populations, particularly people of color, has grown over the past decade. These challenges were noticeably exacerbated in 2020 by the pandemic and its economic downturn. Issues such as income inequality, food insecurity, voting rights, healthcare disparities, disproportionate environmental impacts on disadvantaged communities, immigration rights, and sexual orientation are all prominent in political and policy discussions. This Fellowship will support students whose courses of study have an emphasis on applied topics of social and/or environmental justice. To increase and maintain the educational benefits of diversity, so long as it is permitted by law, the donor desires that consideration be given to students who are members of a minority group that is underrepresented at the Bloustein School.

SAE Metropolitan Section Fellowship

Awarded to full-time graduate students who are studying or have an interest in alternative mechanisms for financing the cost of electric power distribution infrastructure upgrades required to support electric vehicle fleet operator charging stations. Students will have the opportunity to share and present findings from a related research product.

Edward J. Bloustein School 30th Anniversary Fund

Gifts to this fund support access to academic excellence at the Bloustein School.

The Bloustein School welcomes inquiries about funding priorities. Please contact Janet Cole, Director of Development at 848-932-2816 or janet.cole [at] to discuss how to make a gift, where to direct your contribution or any other questions you may have about supporting Bloustein.

To access all Bloustein School funds, please visit the Rutgers Foundation by clicking the button below.


If you cannot find the fund you are looking for, please contact Madison Welch at madison.welch [at] with the name of the fund you would like to support or a description of what you would like to support.


Edward J. Bloustein School Planning Healthy Communities Fund

The Planning Healthy Communities Initiative (PHCI) is a partnership dedicated to promoting the integration of public health impacts into planning and decision-making with a goal of fostering healthier and equitable communities. PHCI is an initiative of the Rutgers University Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy in collaboration with Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences.

Dean’s Community Scholarship and Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

Community, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholars work on DEI-related matters for the school, including research, outreach, communications, and event planning. All work will be coordinated through the school’s Special Advisor to the Dean on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). It is expected that during the course of the year, the scholar will collaborate and engage with the Special Advisor and be representative to the graduate students in their program as well as others, and support the objectives, mission and work of the Committee on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Nike and Jim Bach Endowed Fellowship in Urban Planning and Public Informatics

Awarded to a graduate student in the MCRP program who demonstrates interest and ability to apply informatics to planning analysis and decision-making.

Miriam Barker Endowed Memorial Undergraduate Student Achievement Award

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement and service in the pursuit of an undergraduate degree at the Bloustein School

Robert W. Burchell Fund for Student Planning Conference Travel

Honors Professor Robert W. Burchell’s lifelong commitment to further engage planning students with the profession by assisting with funding student attendance at planning conferences and annual meetings.

Dawne D. and Lawrence B. Burrows Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Planning and Public Policy

Awarded to a graduate student enrolled in the MCRP and other graduate degree programs at the Bloustein School.

Isadore Candeub Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Planning

Awarded to a full-time graduate student based on academic merit and financial need and with preference for students in the design and development/redevelopment concentration.

Dr. Robert A. Catlin Endowed Fellowship

Awarded to a full-time graduate student based on merit and financial need with preference for students whose studies focus on the impact of race in public policy decision-making and/or urban revitalization.

B. Budd Chavooshian Endowed Memorial Fellowship

Established in memory of Budd Chavooshian by his family, friends, and colleagues and awarded to an outstanding student in the Urban Planning and Policy Development Program who best exemplifies Budd’s commitment to the field of planning.

Peter C. Cosier IV Environmental Fellowship

Provides an annual graduate fellowship award to a full-time graduate student based on merit and financial need with preference for students pursuing a concentration in environmental and land use planning.

Bob Cotter City Kid Endowed Graduate Scholarship in Planning

Awarded to full-time graduate students in the MCRP program who are residents of urban areas in the United States.

Walter C. Evans Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Planning and Public Policy

Provides an annual fellowship to a graduate student enrolled in the MCRP program who demonstrates a significant personal commitment and/or outstanding academic potential in the fields of planning or public policy at the Bloustein School.

Christiana R. Foglio Endowed Annual Graduate Fellowship in Planning

Established by Christiana R. Foglio MCRP ‘86, this award is given to outstanding full-time graduate planning students with preference given to students with a degree from Douglass Residential College.

Sydney and Mildred Greenberg Memorial Scholarship

Awarded for outstanding academic achievement in the pursuit of an undergraduate degree at the Bloustein School

Honorable Patricia Juliano Memorial Scholarship Fund

Established in memory of late councilwoman Patricia Juliano from Orange, NJ, the scholarship is awarded to a full- or part-time female student in the Bloustein School’s public policy program with interests in local or state government policy and ties to community.

Susan Kirk Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Established by the Susan Kirk Foundation to recognize Susan Kirk’s contribution to public transit and transportation in New Jersey, this scholarship is awarded to a student who demonstrates an interest and ability in transportation planning.

Dr. Donald A. Krueckeberg Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Provides financial assistance to a full-time student enrolled as in the Ph.D. Program in Planning and Public Policy, and whose research, academic and professional career goals best exemplify Professor Krueckeberg’s enthusiasm and pursuit of professional and academic excellence.

Paul J. Larrousse Endowed Fellowship in Planning

Bequeathed by Paul, this fellowship will provide student assistance and support student achievement in transportation planning.

Jennifer S. Lightner Endowed Memorial Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established in memory of Jennifer S. Lightner, who was a part-time student in the MCRP program, and whose enthusiasm and pursuit of professional and academic excellence inspired those who knew her.

Harold H. and Reba Martin Endowed Fellowship in Public Policy

This fellowship is awarded to a full-time student in the public policy program, pursuing excellence in public service, and helping to advance the study of public policy at the university and within the state.

E. Mae McCarroll Scholarship

This gift will be used to support undergraduate students. Awards will be based on financial need, with preference given to students studying Public Health and Health Disparities.

New Jersey Planning Officials Annual Graduate Scholarship

Awarded to a full-time graduate student enrolled in the MCRP program at the Bloustein School.

Brandon M. Poli Memorial Scholarship

Established by the friends of Brandon Poli, Bloustein School Class of 1997, this scholarship is awarded to an urban planning student who exemplifies Brandon’s wit, intelligence, and perseverance.

Ralph W. Voorhees Fellowship Program in Public Service

Awarded to students to participate in credit-bearing partnerships with a non-profit or government organization in areas such as community development and planning, community-based education, housing and public transportation, public health and public policy.

Louis Berger Graduate Fellows Program (2009-2016)

This competitive fellowship enabled graduate students to be considered for a comprehensive fellowship award and earn internship credit while taking on a professional experience internship at one of the leading consulting organizations in the country. The fellowship ended in 2016. Read more about the program and fellows.