Location & Facilities

The Civic Square Building

The construction of the Bloustein School’s home—the Civic Square Building—realized Dr. Bloustein’s vision that Rutgers University would one day occupy a physical position in the cultural and economic hub of New Brunswick, New Jersey, the host city of Rutgers’ flagship campus. One of the state’s most significant areas for education, health care, and the arts, New Brunswick is home to Rutgers’ historic Old Queen’s campus; Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Saint Peter’s University Hospital, and the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. The Bloustein School itself is located in New Brunswick’s thriving cultural area, with The State Theater, Crossroads Theatre, and the George Street Playhouse just steps away. Downtown New Brunswick offers something for every taste through a spicy menu of restaurants and entertainment venues.

The Civic Square Building epitomized public-private partnership during the city’s redevelopment in 1995, and was financed by nearly equal investments from Rutgers University and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, through the Port Authority’s mandate to promote economic and commercial redevelopment in the region.

Classrooms and Conference Rooms

Smart classrooms and seminar/conference rooms at the Bloustein School all feature wireless internet connections and ceiling mounted projectors with PC, audio and video hook-ups.

Computer Labs

The Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy operates a state-of-the-art computer laboratory used for both instruction and research. The school’s computing facilities include a main lab, a smaller “information gateway,” and dedicated studio classroom space.

The computer laboratory is used for graduate class instruction, workshops sponsored by the various centers affiliated with the school, and for professional continuing education. Research projects carried out in the laboratory include student projects, doctoral research analysis, and applied GIS grants and contracts.

Getting Here

New Brunswick, New Jersey is one of the state’s most significant areas for education and health care. The city is home to Rutgers’ largest regional campus, including its historic Old Queen’s campus; Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Saint Peter’s University Hospital, and the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

The Bloustein School is located in a thriving cultural area, just steps away from The State Theater and The New Brunswick Cultural Center (opened Fall 2019), home for the Crossroads Theatre and George Street Playhouse. Downtown New Brunswick offers something for every taste through a spicy menu of restaurants and entertainment venues.

Accessibility via Public Transit

The Bloustein School’s home, Civic Square, is within a five-minute walk of the city’s train station. The New Brunswick train station, which has NJ TRANSIT and Amtrak connections, is approximately one hour from New York City and Philadelphia. To reach the Bloustein School from the train station, cross Albany Street (Route 27) and turn left. Walk a block and a half to George Street. Turn right onto George Street and walk four blocks to Livingston Avenue. Turn right onto Livingston Avenue; the Bloustein School is at the corner of Livingston Avenue and New Street.

Our location is also accessible via the Rutgers University EE campus bus, take it to the SoCam Apartments).

By Car

The Bloustein School is located at 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ. Our location is accessible via the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Route 1, and Route 287. If you are driving to our location, please see below for information on parking in New Brunswick.

Parking in New Brunswick

The Bloustein School is located in downtown New Brunswick. Parking for guests is available throughout the city, by either parking curbside, metered, or in a municipal parking garage.

Available parking garages in the surrounding area can be found here. NBPAC, Morris Street, and New Street are all a short walk to the building. Permits can be purchased at the time of parking. The hourly rates for the garages may be found here with the exception of NBPAC parking, which is $3.50/hour.  Parking payment is by credit card or ParkMobile app.

  • Morris Street Deck is located at the corner of New and George Streets (GPS address 70 New Street, New Brunswick, NJ)
  • New Street Deck is located on the corner of New Street and Joyce Kilmer Avenue (GPS address 134 New Street, New Brunswick, NJ).
  • NBPAC Deck is located on Bayard Street (GPS address 60 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ)

There is also a municipal parking lot behind the building which can be accessed from Bayard Street (via George Street). Paid parking is available after normal business hours. However, you must walk to the front of the Civic Square Building on Livingston Avenue to gain entrance; access via the back door is by electronic card key access only. The building’s front desk attendant does not have the ability to remotely open the doors.

On-street metered parking is available on the Heldrich Hotel side of Livingston Avenue and on New Street. Minimal handicapped parking is available in front of the State Theatre New Jersey on Livingston Avenue.  On-street parking is not permitted at non-metered spots; cars that park in non-metered spots may be ticketed and towed.

Visitors to campus may also purchase a Rutgers Visitor Parking pass here. A pass can also be issued to University departments to provide parking to visitors on a one-day basis only by clicking here and scrolling to the blue drop-down menu that reads “Rutgers New Brunswick Departmental One-Day Visitor.” As per the Rutgers IPO website: One-day permissions on College Ave campus are restricted to Lots 26,30 and College Ave Deck. Rutgers Parking will not issue guest parking access to the Civic Square Deck.

The Civic Square Deck (GPS address 3 Kirkpatrick Street), situated underneath the Bloustein School’s Civic Square Building, is not open to the public on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Permits and access cards are required for entrance during these times.

After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, the Civic Square Deck is open to the public for a flat rate of $20 per vehicle. In order to park at Civic Square during available public hours or any other New Brunswick parking garage, download the ParkMobile app.

Parking for Faculty & Staff

If you are a new Bloustein School faculty, staff or instructor, or a part-time lecturer (PTL) who is actively teaching, you must purchase a Rutgers parking pass in order to park in the Civic Square Deck. Information about purchasing your parking pass should have been provided with your welcome packet.

The Civic Square Deck is owned and operated by the New Brunswick Parking Authority and Rutgers University/Bloustein School faculty and staff DO NOT have access to guest parking for this garage. All questions regarding parking, rates, fees, tickets, and more may be found on the New Brunswick Parking Authority website or by calling (732) 545-3118.

Parking for Graduate Students

Bloustein School graduate students who are attending evening classes in the Civic Square Building and wish to purchase parking for the lot (parking after 5pm only) should contact the Bloustein School Office of Student and Academic Services for instructions. A copy of your current class schedule is required.