White Docs on the Short End of One Racial Disparity

In an accompanying commentary, Joel C. Cantor, ScD, and Dawne M. Mouzon, PhD, both of Rutgers University, were skeptical of the results, suggesting that the Stanford group perhaps didn’t dig deep enough. “Prior work has shown that primary care physicians experience more burnout than specialists and that physicians of minority racial/ethnic groups are more likely […]

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A long road back from the devastation of COVID-19

The recession caused by COVID-19 and the various actions taken to help mitigate the spread of the infectious virus has been devastating to the nation’s economy, and many economists are calling it the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The numbers bear this out, and paint a grim picture that highlights just how grueling […]

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COVID-19 is giving many New Jersey suburbs a big boost

Most sectors of the commercial real estate market in New Jersey have been badly hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, but that’s not the case with residential real estate. It turns out home sales in many parts of the Garden State are doing great. According to Rutgers University economics professor James Hughes, an increasing number of […]

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