New Report from Marc Pfeiffer – First, Do No Harm: Algorithms, AI, and Digital Product Liability

The potential for algorithmic harm(s) are commonly reported to be found in (but are not limited to) technologies such as generative artificial intelligence chatbots, social media, virtual reality, Internet of Things, surveillance tech, robots, etc. This new report provides a pathway to reduce algorithmic harms by incentivizing developers to first, do no harm as opposed to work fast and break things.

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Dr. Patti O’Brien-Richardson Speaks at World Afro Day

Dr. Patti O’Brien-Richardson was a speaker at the 2023 World Afro Day – Workplace on September 15th in the UK. Dr. O’Brien-Richardson provided hair discrimination policy training for corporations and HR professionals, spoke on the need for policies in the workplace, and the physical and mental health impact of not having hair discrimination legal protection.

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The New Jersey State Policy Lab Announces Ten New Research Projects

The NJSPL issued a call for proposals in the early summer, and received 28 proposals, including ones from all three Rutgers University campuses and four other universities in New Jersey. Ten projects were chosen that cover a wide array of policy issues, and employ varying research methodologies to evaluate very real problems that innovative policy solutions can address.

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