Student Projects

Student Portfolios

Visit our page at ISSUU for a collection of Bloustein School student portfolios.

Urban Planning Studios

TOD Guidelines for New Orleans RTA

Placemaking in Highland Park

Planning for Carbon-free futures: A Duke Farms-based bootcamp

Reimagining Bloomfield Streets

Urban Planning Representation and Advanced Visualization

Sayreville NJ – Loeb

Sayreville, NJ – Moran

Sayreville, NJ – Williams

Sayreville, NJ – Yamanaka

Public Policy Practicums

Protections and Benefits for Workers in Today’s On-Demand Economy

Preparing New Jersey for the Next Economic Downturn

Closing the Gap: Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit

An Assessment of Experiential Learning in NJ

Applied Field Experience

Advocating Well-Rounded Education in Rural China

Closing the Gap: Programming for Global Gender Equality and Children’s Rights

Cooperation for Needed Capacity

New Jersey Community Capital