Student Projects

Jersey City Heights Prospectus

Development Prospectus for the Heights, Jersey City

Instructor: Barbara Faga

The studio team was asked by the Central Avenue Special Improvement District (SID) to help advance the redevelopment of the project site on Block 2901. The Central Avenue SID wanted to see what potential exists for development of the lot. The Central Avenue SID and Studio Team asked the following questions:

  • Could a parking garage attract new development? What kind of development?
  • What type of businesses would want to move to Block 2901? What types of businesses do residents want to see on the block?
  • What type of parking and what number of parking spaces will best serve the Central Avenue SID and the Heights?
  • How can green building and sustainability techniques be incorporated into the redevelopment?
  • What are the demographics, income trends, and housing trends in the Heights and Jersey City?
  • How did developers react to the redevelopment plan of Block 2901? Why did they respond like this?
  • How does the community prioritize open space, parking, affordable housing and retail/commercial space?
  • What comparable projects exist?
  • What kind of financing, grants and incentives can be leveraged for the redevelopment of Block 2901?
  • How can we balance the interests of business owners, residents, the City, developers, community members and other stakeholders?