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Washington Township, NJ: Agrarian Urbanism

Agrarian Urbanism

Dana Ladd

Advanced Graphics Communications for Planners, Fall 2019

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Agrarian Urbanism is “a method of design that incorporates and intensifies agricultural activity across the Transect, promoting a variety of associated economic, environmental and social benefits from a neighborhood’s center to its rural edge.” -DPZ

The design principles of Agrarian Urbanism can be applied anywhere. In this case, KiDD inc. will be applying these comprehensive principles to a site right outside the heart of rural Washington Township, in NJ. The new community will be human-scaled, pedestrian oriented, sustainable, a natural oasis, agrarian and a hub of activity. The main attraction of this site will be it’s industrial farming building : “Harvest Farms”. This building will create jobs, and serve as the main production center that will in turn provide a stable economy for the site.

Instructor: Juan Ayala