Student and Alumni Spotlights

Anu Sajja, BS '91, MPH '94

Anu Sajja, BS ’91, MPH ’94, CHCA, has worked to improve the quality of healthcare, specifically in the managed care industry as President of Aqurate Health Data Management, Inc. since 2011.

Anu has worked in the healthcare field as a leader of business development, auditing, healthcare assessments, and service improvement since 1995. From her current position, she feels that she makes an impact by providing jobs and offering flexible hours to employees, especially to women who may not be able to work a traditional office schedule due to family responsibilities. In addition, she believes in empowering women through education and is involved in projects in India that support education for women and girls in order for them to enter the workforce.

As an undergraduate student at Rutgers, Anu had opportunities to get involved in data analysis for Middlesex County Health Heart Program and for the Rutgers Health Education Department on a HIV education project. The latter of these projects was published in a peer reviewed health education journal. She credits these experiences, as well as advice from her mentor Dr. Dona Schneider, as main factors in her decision to pursue her Master of Public Health at the Bloustein School.

Her advice to undergraduate and graduate students is to take advantage of as many opportunities outside of the classroom as possible, especially with professors. Anu believes that the Bloustein School’s faculty show a uniquely high interest in their students and are willing to work with them to further their academic and professional paths. “I talk about the Bloustein School’s public health programs for both undergrad and graduate students to anyone who is willing to listen,” she said. “I highly recommend the programs as they open doors to endless opportunities.”