Student and Alumni Spotlights

Alumnus Ali Jan (MPI ’22) Reflects on the Importance of Data Analytics

Meet Ali Jan, a highly skilled data analyst and a proud alumnus of Public Informatics at Rutgers University. With a careful selection of courses, research work, and an internship at the MPI program, Ali has honed his expertise in data analysis, statistical modeling, and technical report writing. Currently, he is working as an Analyst at the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, studying student education completion and workforce outcomes, focusing on scenarios such as the “some college no degree” population and remedial education. Additionally, Ali Jan has experience in financial analysis, specifically working with the Division of Family Development in NJ to compare simulated payments made under attendance versus enrollment policy payments, to identify potential tax dollar savings and prioritize resource planning through data-driven decisions.

According to Ali – “Data is a powerful tool that can inform policy decisions and drive positive change in society. As a data analyst, it’s important to always be curious, ask the right questions, and utilize the best tools available to gain insights from the data.” he also emphasizes teamwork: “By working collaboratively with stakeholders, we can use data to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions that have a real impact on people’s lives.”

Overall, Ali Jan’s skills and experience make him a valuable asset to the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development Center, and as a talented Public Informatics at Rutgers University alumnus, he serves as a role model for students looking to develop their skills in informatics, analytics, and data science for public policy and data-driven decision making.

This post originally appeared on the public Informatics at Rutgers University LinkedIn page