Student and Alumni Spotlights

Alumnus Mark Bauer (MCRP ’16) Releases Updated Course “Data Analysis Using Python: A Beginner’s Guide Featuring NYC Open Data”

Mark Bauer released an update to his open source project designed to provide a beginner-friendly framework for reproducible data analysis. It’s a great resource for uncovering valuable insights and making informed decisions confidently using datasets from NYC Open Data.

Key Sections:
Part 1: Reading and Writing Files in Python
Learn how to read and write data in various formats in your Python data analysis projects.

Part 2: Data Inspection, Cleaning, and Wrangling in Python
Explore essential techniques for thorough data inspection, cleaning, and wrangling to achieve accurate and reliable analysis results.

Part 3: Plotting and Data Visualization in Python
Discover a variety of plotting techniques to effectively communicate your findings through insightful visualizations.

Part 4: Geospatial Data and Mapping
Unlock the potential of geospatial data analysis and learn workflows for creating reproducible maps for spatial analysis.

Why Use This Project?

  • Embrace reproducibility in Data Analysis.
  • Gain practical skills in reading, cleaning, and visualizing data using Python.
  • Discover real-world examples and insights for informed decision-making.
  • Develop proficiency in geospatial data analysis and mapping techniques.
  • Foster transparency and trustworthiness in your data analysis workflows.

Code Refactoring and Readability:
Mr. Bauer spent several months refactoring the code to improve readability and make it more beginner-friendly. His aim is to empower aspiring data analysts/scientists to easily grasp the concepts and dive into data analysis.

Download from the GitHub Repository: