Student and Alumni Spotlights

Brandon Low

Health administration: Providing flexibility and options to help you shape the career you want

Brandon Low

Health Administration, Class of 2022

Princeton, NJ
Interests/Hobbies: mechanical crafting, homebrewing, spending time with family, hanging out with friends.

Brandon worked at his parents’ restaurant growing up, and says the service industry is where he developed the personality of wanting to help everyone the best he could. As he thought about the future, he thought the best way to utilize this was to work somewhere in the healthcare field. He spent some time in healthcare organizations and even did a medical volunteer trip in Kenya before college.

Growing up in Princeton, NJ – just a few miles away from New Brunswick and Johnson & Johnson’s world headquarters – he also developed a respect for pharma companies as highly intellectual and profitable businesses. He imagined himself working there and knew that Rutgers would be able to guide him toward a career in this area.

When he first came to Rutgers, he gained practical experience participating in basic biological research projects, but was still unsure as to his career direction. He spent some time searching through careers and was introduced to the health administration major, which provided flexibility and many career options, including pharma. Brandon secured an internship as a pharmaceutical intelligence analyst and worked with Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies doing market research and due diligence for the purpose of helping clients with competitive intelligence gathering. He has worked in a variety of project areas including multiple sclerosis disease modifying therapies, aesthetical products, and dental/hygienic products.

Advice to prospective students: Regardless of your major, stay hungry. Never let breaks or downfalls slow you down because your career path is never over. There is always time to rethink what you want to do. Rutgers gives the same opportunities as many other colleges, but it is up to you to use those resources and shape it into what you want.