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Camden, NJ: Camden Waterfront

Camden Waterfront

Harsheeta Gupta

Advanced Graphics Communications for Planners, Fall 2018

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The Camden Waterfront is a waterfront neighborhood which is mixed-use development. The neighborhood sits right across the river providing a spectacular view of the Philadelphia skyline.

By providing such a great view, it enhances the importance of the city of Camden. The neighborhood is not just a development along the river, but has also developed a shopping district and plazas. The street network of the community provides easy access to the neighborhood and the train station.

The open spaces are designed in a manner that will attract visitors and provide them an amazing recreational space.

The Camden Waterfront is not just limited to shopping stores, plazas and green spaces. Being a mixed-use neighborhood, the area also has office space as well as residential towers. It is a community that is designed for all.

Instructor: Juan Ayala