2021-22 Career Event Listings

Here you will find an array of virtual and in-person career workshops, panels and professional development events for the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. Some of these events are also open to undergraduate students and alumni and will be noted. Be sure to check back, as new events, updates and registration links are added throughout the semester. Once posted, you can also see and access these events by month by visiting the Student and Career Services Calendar.

If you have questions or would like a recording of these sessions, please contact career management specialists, Andrea Garrido (andrea.garrido@rutgers.edu) (MCRP, MPP/MPAP, MPI students) or Cheryl Egan (cheryl.egan@rutgers.edu) (MHA students).


See below for a current listing of technical and career-related professional development workshops and events. The majority of these workshops will be held online. Those taking place in person will be noted.


Join Marcie Anszberger of CTAAR for live, virtual 90-minute Excel workshops, geared to Bloustein students, and join Rutgers University Libraries instructors for live, virtual R and Python workshops. Please see this link for additional valuable workshops the University Libraries is conducting. Click the links to register and receive an access link. You can register up to the same day as the session. Open to both undergrad and graduate students.

9.17 @ 2-3:30 PM | Python Basics and Data Exploration Online (a University Libraries Workshop on Webex – Instructor: Robert Palmere) | This workshop will be an introduction to fundamental concepts such as variable assignment, data types, basic calculations, working with strings and lists, control structures (e.g. for-loops), functions. | PAST EVENT

9.22 @ 3-4:30 PM | R for Data Analysis: A Tidyverse Approach (a University Libraries Workshop on Webex – Instructor: Ryan Womack | The session introduces the R statistical software environment and basic methods of data analysis, and also introduces the “tidyverse”.  While R is much more than the “tidyverse”, the development of the “tidyverse” set of packages, led by RStudio, has provided a powerful and connected toolkit to get started with using R.  Note that graphics and data manipulation are covered in subsequent sessions. | PAST EVENT

9.24 @ 1:30-3 PM | Excel: Up to Speed | PAST EVENT

10.1 @ 2-3:30 PM | Data Manipulation and Analysis with Python Online (a University Libraries Workshop on Webex – Instructor: Robert Palmere |In this workshop, we will dive into the world of arrays and data frames using the NumPy and pandas libraries. We’ll cover data cleaning and pre-processing, joining and merging, group operations, and more. | PAST EVENT

10.6 @ 3-4:30 PM | R Data Wrangling with dplyr, tidyr, readr and More Online (a University Libraries-Hosted Workshop on Webex – Instructor: Ryan Womack | Some of the most powerful features of the tidyverse relate to its abilities to import, filter, and otherwise manipulate data.  This session reviews major packages within the tidyverse that relate to the essential data handling steps require before (and during) data analysis. | PAST EVENT

11.5 @ 1:30-3 PM| Excel: Formulas | REGISTER HERE

JUST ADDED! 11.12 @ 12 PM | Public Informatics for a Better Future: Textual Analytics with R and Social Media Data | In this virtual workshop, Dr. Jim Samuel, Executive Director of the Bloustein School’s Master of Public Informatics, will provide an interactive introduction to textual analytics and natural language processing. The session will consist of a 15-minute presentation, followed by a 30-minute interactive work-along demonstration for textual analytics using R-Studio*, and conclude with Q&A. Participants will learn to generate insights from social media data related to current events or issues of public importance. This workshop is open to all. It will be assumed that those who intend to run the analytics have R-Studio on their computers and possess familiarity with using R.
Intelligent Informatics @ Bloustein is a series of interactive informatics seminars and workshops on the use of data science and artificial intelligence for urban, public policy, healthcare, and organizational analytics. | REGISTER HERE

11.12 @ 1:30-3 PM | Excel: Pivot Tables | REGISTER HERE

1.28 @ 1:30-3 PM | Excel: Up to Speed | REGISTER HERE

2.18 @ 1:30-3 PM | Excel: Visualizing Data | REGISTER HERE

3.25 @ 1:30-3 PM | Excel: Fixing Data | REGISTER HERE


9.15 @ 4:30-6 PM| Resume Critiques I (SPACE IS LIMITED!)| Did you know September is “International Update Your Resume Month”? As the semester is just beginning, this is the perfect time to not only update your resume, but get your resume critiqued! The event will be held in a small group format and you will receive immediate feedback from Career Management professionals, HR professionals and alumni who work in urban planning, policy and health administration fields. This is a collaborative Bloustein-School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) event for our graduate students and is virtual. LIMITED SPOTS! A second Resume Critique session will be offered in October on 10.26.21| PAST EVENT

9.28 @ 4:30-6 PM | International Student Career & Internship Resources Information Session (Virtual) | Join your Bloustein student and academic services support staff- Andrea Garrido, Cheryl Egan and Courtney Culler – as well as our partners from RU Global – Jinling Quan, Bloustein Liaison and Senior International Student Advisor – and RU CES (Career Exploration and Success) – Paola Puerta Dominguez, Career Development Specialist for International Students – to learn about the career and internship resources and services available at Bloustein and Rutgers University to support our international students. | PAST EVENT

10.7 @ 4:30-5:30 PM | Applying to Federal Jobs/Federal Resume Writing Workshop (Virtual)| Join alumni from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and one of our recent graduates of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) who recently went through the process of applying to and landing a job through the in Federal Government. Each will share great tips on how to apply to a federal job and how to create a Federal resume that will bring results. Bring your questions to this helpful workshop. | PAST EVENT

10.20 @ 4.30-5:45 PM | Location TBA upon registration | Networking & LinkedIn Best Practices (In Person) | There is no doubt that networking is the number one way to land jobs and internships and LinkedIn is a MUST for all professionals. Learn more about the importance of each at this informative workshop which will help you get more comfortable networking both in person and via social media. | PAST EVENT

10.26 @ 4.30-6 PM| Resume Critiques II (Virtual – SPACE IS LIMITED!)| This is your second opportunity this semester to get your resume critiqued: The event will be held in a small group format and you will receive immediate feedback from Career Management professionals, HR professionals and alumni who work in urban planning, policy and health administration fields. This is a collaborative Bloustein-School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) event for our graduate students and is virtual. | REGISTRATION  CLOSED as of 10/22.

11.3 @ 4:30-5:30 PM | Location TBA upon registration| Interviewing Best Practices (In Person) |Join Bloustein Career Development Specialists Cheryl Egan and Andrea Garrido for a one hour in person workshop to sharpen your interviewing skills in preparation for upcoming internship and job interviews! We will review behavioral based interviews and the STAR approach, virtual interviews, other types of interviews to expect as well as how to prepare for these interviews. Tell us if you have specific questions or topics you’d like for us to cover when registering!  | REGISTRATION

11.10 @ 4:30-6:00 PM | Professional Writing for International Students | This workshop is designed for graduate students who are preparing to write for specific professional and job-related tasks. Taught by language specialists at the Rutgers English Language Institute, students will gain knowledge about typical genres such as CVs, cover letters, grant applications, writing for the public, and various statements (e.g., bio, research, teaching, diversity). Topics discussed may include content, form, and style of these writing genres, and how to balance clear, concise, engaging writing with appropriate disciplinary knowledge and conventions. REGISTRATION

11.17 @ 4:30 – 5:30 PM| Salary Negotiation and Evaluating Job Offers (In Person) | REGISTRATION COMING

12.1 @ 4.30-5:45 PM | Job and Internship Search Strategies and Panel Event (In Person) | Join Cheryl Egan and Andrea Garrido and a panel of 2nd year graduate students and recent graduates from our various programs in both urban planning and policy and health administration to learn about their unique internship experiences, including the process they went through to find their internship/AFE/experience. Gain valuable advice and get the inside scoop on the entire process to help you prepare for your search. | REGISTRATION COMING

January 2022| Paths to the AICP | Join APA practice leader, Felicia Braunstein who will hold a live Q&A session about any questions related to obtaining the AICP. To get the most out of this session, FIRST listen to this pre-recorded video presentation. | REGISTRATION COMING SOON

2.25 @ 1-4 PM | Mock Interviewing Event (Virtual)| Sharpen your interviewing skills by practicing one-on-one with one of our alumni or employer partner. You can sign up for up to 3, 30-minute sessions where you will be able to practice and then get immediate feedback from an urban planning or policy professional. This event is open to graduate students and recent graduates. REGISTRATION COMING


Join Andrea and Cheryl and special guests in a series of five (5) talks over the course of the 2021-22 academic year with alumni and employer partners to learn the “real deal” about a variety of career related topics devoted to diversity, equity and inclusion. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each Real Deal event. You must register to attend. Open to undergraduate and graduate students and alumni.

  • 10.5 @ 4:30 – 6:00 PM | The Real Deal About Finding Jobs and Internships as an International Student (Virtual) | Hear from a panel of our Bloustein International alumni to learn how they navigated their time at Bloustein, and how they landed internships, fellowships and jobs after graduating. Ask your questions and get advice from with those who were once in your shoes. This is a virtual event. | PAST EVENT
  • 11.18 @ 4.30-6 PM| The Real Deal About What it Means to be Diverse in the Workplace (Virtual) | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a hot topic and popular buzzword these days, but what does it really mean? Engage with a diverse group of alumni who will tell their personal stories about what it’s really like to be a BIPOC, LGBTQ+, or a person with disabilities in the workplace. Also joining this panel will be alumni who work as diversity, equity and inclusion officers at their place of work who can share their perspectives. This panel will be moderated by one of our very own MPP ’19 alumni. More information and bios to follow. | REGISTER HERE
  • February @ 4:30-6:00 PM| TBA | REGISTRATION COMING
  • March @ 4:30 – 6:00 PM | TBA | REGISTRATION COMING


Hear from our amazing Bloustein alumni to gain practical advice and learn about careers in a variety of sectors, organizations and jobs in the urban planning and policy and healthcare administration realms. Each panel will provide participants with the opportunity to ask questions, gain more clarity and validation about careers, and become acquainted with our strong alumni network. Continue checking back as more information and additional events are added.

9.8 @ 5-6 PM | TJUH Administrative Fellowship Information Session | Carla Palomino, current Jefferson Health Fellow and MHA alumna, will discuss and provide an overview of the TJUH Administrative Fellowship and application process, as well as answer all of your questions. |PAST EVENT

9.14 @ 4:30-6 PM | MHA Alumni Administrative Fellows Panel | Please join us in welcoming back MHA Alumni, Rakel Barrientos, Thomas Kayal, and Carla Palomino, as they discuss their Administrative Fellowships and provide advice regarding the fellowship application and interviewing process. The event will be moderated by Professor Ann Marie Hill. | PAST EVENT

9.21 @ 4-5 PM | UPMC Administrative Fellowship Q&A Session | Please join Elizabeth Riordan, current UPMC Administrative Fellow and Rutgers alumna, who will be answering your questions regarding UPMC and the Fellowship program. | PAST EVENT

10.12 @ 4:30-6 PM | Careers in Government & Nonprofits Round Table Event | Join us to learn more about careers in the government and nonprofit sectors by engaging with alumni who are passionate about making a difference globally, in state and federal government agencies, NGOs and other nonprofit organizations. Participating alumni: Garrett Hincken (MCRP ’11) – Officer, Philadelphia Research & Policy Initiatives at the Pew Charitable Trusts; Brianna Keys (MPP ’16) – Policy Advisor, Office of the Governor, State of New Jersey; Natalia Camparo (MPP ’14) Consultant, Macroeconomic and Fiscal Management Global at the World Bank and Victoria Verhowsky (MPP ’17) Vice Consul, U.S. State Department. This event offers a great opportunity to learn more about each alumni, their organization and their career paths in a more intimate setting. This is a virtual event and is open to undergraduate and graduate students and recent alumni. | PAST EVENT

10.12 @ 5-6 PM | Compliance Career within the Pharmaceutical Industry | Maria Varvaro-Sause, Head of Bioresearch Quality & Compliance at Janssen Pharmaceuticals, will discuss her career in and the field of compliance. Q&A to follow her talk. | PAST EVENT

10.12 @ 7-8:30 PM | Student-Alumni Career Connect Live: Careers in Policy, Law and Public Safety | RU’s Career Exploration and Success department invites you to an event which features Rutgers and Bloustein alumni/students working in various careers in policy, law and public safety in Federal & State government and private organizations including a Special Agent with the US Department of State/Diplomatic Security Service; Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force; a Political Affairs Officer: Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate at the United Nations; a Director Ethics & Business Conduct, at PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC); an Associate Director, Public Policy, Novartis; a Communications Director with the Montana Democratic Party; a Legislative Correspondent, US House of Representatives; and our very own alumna Winstina Hughes (MCRP ‘2017) Assistant Regional Planner, Maryland State Highway Administration| PAST EVENT

10.13 @ 4:30-6 PM | Careers in Healthcare Consulting Panel | Interested in learning about a career in healthcare consulting? Join the panel of MHA alumni to learn about the field, their career paths, and advice they have about pursuing a career in healthcare consulting. | PAST EVENT

10.26 @ 1 PM EST | Think Tanks – An Overview and Panel of Professionals | NASPAA students (INCLUDING BLOUSTEIN) and alumni: The NASPAA Employer Relations committee is excited to bring this panel (and more!) sessions for this year’s NASPAA DC Virtual Trek 2021! Join us for a panel of professionals working at think tanks. This event will start with an overview of the think tank eco-system by a staff member at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).| For more information and to register: https://linktr.ee/VirtualDCTrek2021

10.28 @ 1 PM EST | DevEx-MIIS International Development Panel | NASPAA students (INCLUDING BLOUSTEIN) and alumni: The NASPAA Employer Relations committee is excited to bring this panel (and more!) sessions for this year’s NASPAA DC Virtual Trek 2021! Please join the Middlebury of Institute of International Studies at Monterey and the NASPAA Employer Relations Committee for an International Development Panel, with Kate Warren, Executive Vice President of DevEx, and Burke Fishburn, Executive Director of the Posner Center. The Panel will be moderated by Scott Webb, Career & Academic Advisor with the Center for Advising and Career Services at the Middlebury Institute. We will be discussing the state of international development in the wake of both the pandemic and the new Biden administration. For more information and to register: https://linktr.ee/VirtualDCTrek2021

11.4 @ 4:30-6 PM| Young Professionals in Transportation Panel | Join the Philadelphia and NYC Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) executive board members (including one of our very own alumna) to learn about YPT as well as about each of their careers in the transportation industry.The event will open with remarks by YPT International President. This is a virtual event and is open to undergraduate, graduate students and alumni! | REGISTER HERE

11.11 @ 4:30-6 PM | Careers in Urban Informatics and Data Analytics | Hear from a panel of Bloustein alumni who are using technology and data to improve public service in federal government, city government, nonprofit and private organizations. Professor Wenwen Zhang will moderate the panel which includes Jonathan Intercola, Director of Analytics for the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (MCRP) and recipient of the NYC[x] Tech & Innovation Impact Award, Glen Acheompang, Data Engineer for New Visions for Public Schools (MPP 2017) and our most recent graduates, Andrew Artz (MCRP/MPP 2021), Data Scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Jiajia Jiayu Zhou (MCRP 2021), Transportation Engineer/Planner at Fehr & Peers. | REGISTER HERE

11.16 @ 4-5 PM | Hackensack Meridian Health Information Session | Please join the Manager of Academic Relations from Hackensack Meridian Health (HMH) to learn more about HMH, services provided, organizational culture, as well as general recruitment practices and opportunities. | REGISTER HERE

SPRING | Careers in Community Development and Housing Round Table Event

SPRING |Careers in Environmental Planning, Hazard Mitigation and Climate Resilience Panel

SPRING | Careers in Urban Planning Round Table Event

SPRING | Careers in Pharmaceuticals

SPRING | Careers in Long-Term Care


Each Fall and Spring semester, Bloustein offers an opportunity for our graduate, undergraduate students and recent graduates to meet with alumni and employer representatives from a variety of organizations. Some of these employers are recruiting for jobs and internships and others are providing valuable information about themselves and their organization for future opportunities. This event offers an excellent opportunity for you to network with alumni and prospective employers from a variety of sectors – public, private, non-profit to network and to learn more about their careers and the organizations in which they work.

This Fall, we are holding two separate events: one for our urban planning, public informatics and policy graduate and undergraduate students and the other for our health administration students. Spring dates to be announced at a later date! These events are also open to recent graduates/alumni.



Engage with alumni and employer partners who are seeking interns, fellows or full time employees now or in the future. This is a terrific networking opportunity. To participate, register and you will receive a link and schedule prior to the event.

Click here for a listing of current participating employers