Student and Alumni Spotlights

Chyna Cornwell

Scarlet Knight Begins Building a Healthcare Career from Amazing Athletics Experience

Chyna Arie Cornwell

Health Administration, Class of 2024

  • Hometown: North Conover, NC
  • Activities/Interests: Rutgers Women’s Basketball, relaxing, meditating, trying new restaurants and foods

Chyna Cornwell was a highly recruited high school basketball prospect with dreams of playing in the WNBA and becoming a physician assistant when she arrived “On the Banks” to play for the Scarlet Knights.

She came to Rutgers not only for what she calls an “amazing athletics experience,” but also for the academics. “Rutgers is everything I hoped for myself. When I am ready to go out into the real world and get a job, I know that having received a degree from Rutgers will be highly respected.”

A North Carolina native, Chyna says being far from home has been difficult, but the bonds she has created through athletics and academics are well worth it.

One of her favorite courses has been Population Health, taught by Professor Ceu Cirne-Neves. “Not only are her lectures interesting, but she keeps the entire class engaged by encouraging us to ask questions or debate topics. She is also concerned about everyone and what is going on with our lives outside of the classroom. That connection is a big part of what has made my experience so special.”

“After graduation, I hope to live my dream of playing professional basketball for as long as possible. But I’m also a realist, and I want to go to Physician Assistant school and become a dermatology or pediatric PA,” Chyna said. “The health administration major is so versatile and offers many opportunities. But you have to work hard to meet the requirements, meet with professors and advisors, and better yourself academically.”

“My sister has been in the medical field, and to me, is a great leader. I was able to watch her every step throughout her nursing school journey. She has motivated me and inspired me to help others.”

Advice to prospective students: Mental health is so important throughout your time in college! You must maintain and take care of yourself as much as possible. Also, you are not “doing too much” if you meet with professors regularly to get help with assignments—you are being productive and bettering yourself academically.