Bloustein LinkedIn Headshots

Photos are posted on the date they were taken and separated by faculty/staff and student folders.

There are TWO ways to download :


  1. Go to the photo(s) in the gallery.
  2. Click on an individual photo to make it large on the screen.
  3. Right click on the photo. A small menu will appear.
  4. Choose DOWNLOAD, then ORIGINAL
    **note: If you choose All Available Originals, it will download every single photo in the gallery as a ZIP file.
  5. Follow the directions to save the file.
  6. Do this with each photo you want.


  1. Go to the photos in the gallery.
  2. Click SHOW ALL at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Then in the upper right, click the blue button SELECT PHOTOS.
  4. Click on the photos you want (you’ll see a black circle appear when you hover over the photo; click the photo and a checkmark appears).
  5. When you are done selecting your photos, click DOWNLOAD.
  6. If you chose more than one photo to download, the message below will pop up in a black box. You need to click on the BLUE ZIP LINK to download the photos. They will save to your computer and then just double-click to extract the photos from the folder.
    Download your zipped photos
    X photos selected
    Click on the zip link below to download now

Please note: If you are looking for your photo from a previous academic year, please email with your name and the semester you are looking for (i.e. John Smith, Fall 2017 semester).


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FALL 2023

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