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Encore Pathways in the State of NJ

Encore Pathways in the State of New Jersey: An Analysis of Federal, State, and Local Programs for

Jui Agrawal, Nicholas J. Cuozzo, Shirley Ho, Yao Zhang

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The objective of this report is to identify policies and programs within the state of New Jersey that help individuals in the second half of life who are looking for volunteer or paid work opportunities to contribute to the social good. For the purposes of this research, the “encore” population was broken into three categories: those looking to remain in the workforce after they became eligible for retirement, those looking to re-enter the workforce and those looking
for volunteer work. This report seeks to explore and analyze these subjects:

  • Federal programs that channel money into New Jersey state agencies and senior centers.
  • How independent nonprofits and foundations manage outreach and volunteerism opportunities for older workers.
  • Tuition waiver programs available to seniors looking to re-tool their skill sets for returning to work.
  • The insight of government and state specialists concerning the viability of older Americans’ ability to work or volunteer.