Intelligent Informatics @ Bloustein

Intelligent Informatics @ Bloustein is a series of interactive informatics seminars and workshops on the use of data science and artificial intelligence for urban, public policy, healthcare, and organizational analytics.

Watch the interview with Jim Samuel, Executive Director of the Public Informatics program, on the importance of informatics, data science and artificial intelligence education.

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Event Series Informatics

Intelligent Informatics at Rutgers: Public Informatics for a Better Future: Textual Analytics with R and Social Media Data


In this virtual workshop, Dr. Jim Samuel, Executive Director of the Bloustein School’s Master of Public Informatics, provides an interactive introduction to textual analytics and natural language processing. The session includes a presentation and an approximate 30-minute interactive work-along demonstration for textual analytics using R-Studio. Participants will learn to generate insights from social media data related to current events or issues of public importance.

Event Series Informatics

Intelligent Informatics at Rutgers: Introduction to the Power of GitHub for Analytics


This workshop instructed participants in how to get started with GitHub from scratch, including the basics of GitHub (account creation, organization use, permissions, and more); using GitHub to manage code and projects for academic research and teaching; best practices for data science workflows in GitHub; GitHub Actions for automated web scraping, data acquisition and dynamic data visualizations via RMarkdown; and publishing static websites and hosting them via GitHub pages.

Event Series Informatics

Intelligent Informatics at Rutgers: Data Visualization with Python Jupyter Notebooks – A Hands-on Introduction


The session consisted of brief presentations, with around 100 minutes of interactive work-along demo of data visualization with Jupyter Notebooks, and ended with Q&A. Participants learned to create data visualizations and can opt to either access Rutgers University’s high-performance computing (HPC) platform/cloud* or to run the code locally on their own computers.

NJ State Policy Lab Internship Presentations

Bloustein School, Civic Square Building 33 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ, United States

We invite you to attend the 2023 New Jersey State Policy Lab Summer Intern Presentations, where this year's cohort of interns will be presenting their final research projects. The presentations are on Thursday, […]

Event Series Informatics

AI Through A Rutgers Lens: Part One of a Three Part Series

Microsoft, 885 2nd Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10017 885 Second Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY, United States

Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools are transforming human experience, from education and business to policy and health care. The unprecedented growth of AI presents exciting opportunities for improving lives […]

On this episode of Public Health America Dr. Latimer speaks with Dr. Jim Samuel, who is an Associate Professor and Executive Director of Informatics Programs at the Bloustein School at Rutgers University.


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