Healthy Homes Initiative

Matthew Camarda, Laraib Kamal, Kurt Lituma, Preethy Thangaraj, Yifan Ye

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The connection between housing and health is multifaceted and
well-documented. As millions are forced indoors during the ongoing COVID-19
crisis, the quality of housing likely has an even greater impact on one’s
health than in the past. This report explores the relationship between health
and housing and provides recommendations for healthy housing initiative
programs based on both primary and secondary research.

Our analysis is based on existing data, published literature, and
interviews with representatives of community health organizations, community
development organizations, government officials, and academics. The primary
goal of this report is to identify gaps in healthy housing initiatives in
Newark and Paterson, New Jersey and offer recommendations for designing
sustainable healthy housing initiatives in neighborhoods adjacent to St.
Joseph’s University Medical Center, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, and
University Hospital. Our analysis divides issues associated with health and
housing into two broad categories: systematic and household issues. Systematic
issues are macro-economic and social variables that might impact healthy
housing, while household issues are more specific to structural and
environmental issues inside a home.