Student and Alumni Spotlights

Madison Menkevich

Madison Menkevich, MPP/MPH ’24

Madison Menkevich EJB/SEBS (Public Health) ’21, (MPP/MPH) ’24 was the recipient of the NJ Society for Public Health Education (NJSOPHE) Karen Denard Goldman academic scholarship in 2021.

The award recognizes exemplary student achievement and is awarded to a student or recent graduate who demonstrates excellence in academics as well as a commitment to the field of health education.

“Madison is clearly diligent, determined, and holds a passion for health education,” said the awards selection letter. “She has also taken on multiple opportunities to improve health behavior and outcomes among residents of New Jersey and New York.”

Madison’s career goals within the field of public health and health education were largely inspired by observing chronic illnesses in others. “During my undergraduate education, I learned that morale, confidence boosting, and empowering individuals to make informed decisions and actions are critical for improving their health and lifestyles. I also learned that achieving this is complicated. This built my curiosity and interest in learning health education practices to prevent and manage chronic diseases and improve patients’ quality of life,” she said in her personal statement.

As an MPH candidate at the Rutgers School of Public Health, Madison decided to concentrate her interest in health systems and policy. Having studied the importance of understanding intersectional factors and social determinants of health that are related to poor health outcomes for individuals and communities, she felt compelled to further her degree with a dual degree in Public Policy. She is expected to graduate with her dual Master of Public Policy/Master of Public Health degree in 2024.

“I feel my professional goals are deeply rooted in policy analysis and working with vulnerable populations to develop policies to protect and improve health outcomes,” she said.

“The dual MPH/MPP will provide me with a well-rounded understanding of much-needed public health interventions as well as policies that are meant to support these interventions. A dual degree will also give me the tools needed to implement health policies that are geared toward improving public health by understanding the needs of the population.”

Madison graduated from the Bloustein School and School of Environmental and Biological Sciences with a bachelor’s in public health in 2021, while also minoring in biological sciences and obtaining a certificate in health disparities. A native of Haddon Township, NJ, she was a member of the Eta Sigma Gamma public health honor society, Sigma Kappa: Zeta Phi Chapter, Douglass Residential College, Rutgers Global, and the Rutgers Coalition for Women of Color (CWC).