Student Projects

Miami Beach: Resiliency and Adaptations by Design


Miami Beach, the eminent tourist destination, is learning to make their city better with resiliency planning. The city joined the 100 Resilient Cities network in 2017, and continues to work with planners and engineers to respond to climate change. Students in this spring 2016 studio worked with AECOM and the Miami Beach Resiliency Team to prepare out-of-the-box solutions on creative designs to address resiliency issues.  Based on student research and their interaction with the city planners and resiliency experts our studio participants put together a methodology based on seven criteria: 1) sea –level rise; 2) population density; 3) traditionally under-represented populations; 4) proximity to green space; 5) historic cultural resources; 6) critical infrastructure, and 7) assessed property values.  Students identified fifteen design typologies to provide solutions to the rising water table. Zoning, financing, and funding sources were identified based on case study research through national and international locations. Recommendations identified several opportunities for development and redevelopment in the master plan.