EJB Talks!

Join our faculty and staff experts, as well as some of our students, as we talk about topics within the disciplines of public policy, urban planning, public health, health administration, and informatics.

The Protests and the President

The murder of George Floyd has resulted in protests across the country. Associate Dean Stuart Shapiro discusses the president’s militaristic response to civil disobedience to the protests and the likely electoral implications.

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Using Data and Emerging Technologies to Improve Urban Life

The Rutgers Urban and Civic Informatics Lab (RUCI Lab) was recently founded at the Bloustein School, with the mission of using new sources of data and emerging technologies to study the health of cities, and by doing so, improve the quality of urban life. This week, Stuart Shapiro talks with the Bloustein School’s newest employee, […]

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EJB Talks: Challenges to Transportation in the Wake of a Pandemic

The New Jersey/New York region is one of the most densely populated in the United States with some of the most widely traveled public transit systems. Thousands of New Jerseyans take NJ Transit bus and rail to New York City; thousands more crowd the New York bus and subway systems. These heavily-used systems have been […]

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EJBTalks: Will The Cities of the Future Change?

There has been both in- and out-migration from cities now for years depending upon economic conditions, but the pandemic has hit our cities and high-density areas the hardest. After years of re-urbanization, are we going to see a new wave of urban flight? Has the shift to staying home, working from home, and having all […]

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EJB Talks: Laying Bare Nationwide Health Disparities

Returning to the healthcare field amidst the COVID-19 crisis, host Stuart Shapiro welcomes Professor Soumitra Bhuyan, who teaches in the Bloustein School’s health administration program and Dr. Sabiha Hussain from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Their discussion focuses on the social determinants of health; what they are and how they are affecting the outcomes of […]

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