Laura Geronimo

Laura Geronimo


Email: laura.geronimo [at]


Georgia Institute of Technology, Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning, 2019; Wesleyan University, BA Urban Studies, 2011

Laura Geronimo

Dissertation Topic/Title

Federal disaster policy and coastal climate adaptation: implications for social justice in coastal communities.

Dissertation Advisor

Dr. Clint Andrews

Research Interests

My research area lies at the intersection of coastal adaptation, climate justice, and land use policy. Through my dissertation, I want to explore how federal disaster recovery and mitigation
programs influence land use at the local level in the coastal zone, with an emphasis on housing and social justice.

  • Coastal land use policy and planning
  • Climate adaptation
  • Social Justice / Equity
  • Housing
  • Federal disaster mitigation and recovery programs (FEMA/HUD)
  • Program evaluation
  • Public informatics
  • Transdisciplinary research
  • Mixed methods