Cathy Y.H. Wang

Cathy Y.H. Wang


Cathy Y.H. Wang

Dissertation Topic/Title

  • Expert Attitudes toward Performance-Based Funding for Higher Education: A Mixed Methods Approach in the Case of New Jersey

Research Interests

  • Public budgeting and finance
  • Social policy and health
  • Nonprofits and philanthropy

My current projects are mainly related to higher education finance, poverty and place, and the role of private philanthropy in helping shape the future direction of American higher education.

 Teaching Experience

  • Lecturer, Research Methods I (undergraduate level), School of Social Work, Rutgers-New Brunswick (spring semester, 2015)
  • Lecturer, Principles of Public Policy (undergraduate level), Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, Rutgers-New Brunswick (spring semester, 2014)
  • Lecturer, Social Welfare Policy and Services II (graduate level), School of Social Work, Rutgers-New Brunswick (fall semester, 2013; fall semester, 2015; spring semester, 2016)


  • (2015) Review of the book Place, Not Race: A New Vision of Opportunity in America, by Sheryll Cashin (Boston MA: Beacon Press, 2014), Journal of Urban Affairs, accepted for publication in the October 2018 issue
  • (2015) Opinion: What is Knowledge? (Peer-Reviewed), Bloustein Journal of Planning and Public Policy, accepted for publication in the first issue of the first Vol.
  • (2013) Huang, C.C. et al. China’s Nonprofit Sector: Progress and Challenges, New Jersey: Transaction Publishers. Wang translated and edited two chapters.  Chapter 8: The Charity Industry Network: A New Driving Force in China’s Nonprofit Sector, and Chapter 9: The Media and China’s Nonprofit Sector
  • (2011) American Poverty and Poverty Alleviation Mechanisms, Chinese version, Shanghai People’s Publishing House
  • (2003) What Should China Do about Its Gender Imbalance Problem? (Peer-Reviewed), E-merge, Vol. 4. Listed on SSRN’s Top Ten (All Time Top Papers) download list for: ERN: Women & Gender Issues (Topic), June 22, 2015