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Planning for Carbon-free futures: A Duke Farms-based bootcamp



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Planning for Carbon-free futures: A Duke Farms-based bootcamp to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through restoration and enhancement of natural systems.

Duke Farms is the former estate of philanthropist Doris Duke. Located in Hillsborough, New Jersey the property is managed by the Doris Duke Foundation and comprises approximately 2,700 acres. Opened to the public in 2012, Duke Farms aspires to be a national model of stewardship and sustainability, including sustainable farming and lands management. Duke Farms pursues this mission by undertaking a wide range of projects designed to evaluate and demonstrate best management practices in a number of key areas, including ecological restoration, wildlife habitat enhancement, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, green building techniques, and operations.

A priority of Duke Farms is not only to minimize its greenhouse gas emissions but also to sequester carbon from the environment, through the restoration, enhancement and management of natural systems and innovative farming practices. Duke Farms intends to become a national model for other land conservancies in mitigating climate change emissions by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions while maximizing the ability of their natural systems to absorb and sequester carbon.
The client for this Spring 2019 graduate planning studio course is Duke Farms. The course will give students the opportunity to engage with land managers and scientists at Duke Farms as well as Rutgers scientists who are working on greenhouse gas analyses at Duke Farms. Discussions with the Somerset County Planning Division will also take place to present the interconnectedness of planning efforts at Duke Farms with countywide planning and open space initiatives.