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Red Bank Waterfront

Red Bank Waterfront

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The “Waterfront Area” is a half-mile stretch of land from Front Street to the Navesink River. Starting at Maple Avenue in the west, it extends to the Riverview Medical Center in the east. As a focus of this plan, the area was selected for its strategic location and potential for connecting the active downtown core to public amenities along the river.

As part of Red Bank’s commercial core, the Waterfront Area is characterized by mixed land uses and some access to the riverfront. Accordingly, the specified area along Front Street, Broad, and the Navesink River is home to numerous retail options, restaurants, and maritime functions. Bookending the Waterfront Area on the east, the Hackensack Meridian’s Riverview Medical Center owns a significant amount of waterfront property that borders Irwin Marine. The area is also home to much marine commercial activity: boating clubs and nautical businesses occupy a great deal of property behind Front Street and characterize the waterfront visually and culturally. As Red Bank continues to develop, so does the need for cohesion between new development, current businesses, and the future vision for the waterfront. To meet this need, the overarching goal of this plan is to facilitate development that realizes the full potential of the riverfront and its surrounding commercial areas. To meet revitalization goals, this plan analyzes current conditions in the Red Bank Waterfront Area as a foundation for subsequent recommendations and strategies. Strategies will work towards building a vision for Red Bank as a thriving commercial and recreational destination that is well connected both visually and physically to the Navesink River.

Students: Guanfang Cai, Francisco Espinoza, Nomoya Hall, Kate O’Rourke, Wenshu Lin, Tristan Harrison, Hebah Masood, Paul Cancilla,

Instructors: Susan Gruel, PP & Fred Heyer PP, AICP