Student Projects

Red Root Creek Wetlands



The Red Root Creek Wetlands Restoration Studio is a graduate planning studio of the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. The Bloustein studios provide students with a personalized and inter-disciplinary opportunity to conduct hands-on research around real-life problems, to work with real-life clients, and to devise team-based solutions. The concept for this particular studio – The Red Root Creek Wetlands Restoration Studio – came out of a friendship between Dr. Judy Shaw, the Director of the Sustainable Raritan River Initiative, and this studio’s client Peter Visceglia, Executive Director of the Federal Business Centers at the Raritan Center. Last spring, Dr. Shaw and Mr. Visceglia discussed the benefits of having students work on the Red Root Creek Wetlands as a way to both provide a new perspective for Mr. Visceglia and to give the students an opportunity to work on a real project that might have the kind of difficulties they would find in the practical world of planning for habitat restoration.