Student Projects

Resilient Perth Amboy

Final Report
Green Infrastructure Presentation
Green Jobs & Economic Development Presentation
Housing and Climate Gentrification

Perth Amboy is a waterfront city, which brings unique economic, social, and aesthetic benefits. The Green Infrastructure and Water Quality section of this report seeks to take advantage of the benefits of the city’s waterfront while combating the climate threats. Green infrastructure can help Perth Amboy accomplish this goal while improving the quality of the surrounding water bodies.

We strive to use green infrastructure to promote climate resilience and a healthy environment for the residents of Perth Amboy while also establishing natural habitat and enhancing public enjoyment of the city’s waterfront. We can accomplish this through 1) improvement of the city’s wastewater management systems, 2) landscape-based stormwater management planning, and 3) adding vegetated features to the city’s streets and open spaces.

Students: Julie Blum, James Clavelli, Carolina Guzman, Carolyn Iwicki, Caroline Martin, Sarah Murphy, Nisan Novack, Sam Salvesen, John Sousa, Ellen O. White, Amanda Williams

Instructor: Robert Freudenberg