Student Projects

Reuse and Recycling: Opportunities in Newark


In partnership with Newark’s Office of Sustainability, the Spring 2014 Community Development Studio explored opportunities to productively reuse materials that flow through the city’s solid waste stream to: (1) Create new businesses and jobs in Newark; (2) Divert waste from landfills and incineration; and (3) Strengthen Newark’s manufacturing sector. Newark is home to more than 400 manufacturing firms that provide a significant portion of the city’s total employment (Mistry, 2013; Ford, 1874). Newark’s relatively low property costs and access to regional, national, and international markets via an expansive transportation infrastructure along with a growing local support system found in organizations like Made in Newark, Brick City Development Corporation, NJ Manufacturing Talent Network, and Newark’s Office of Sustainability make it an appealing place for manufacturers. The Office asked us to investigate if manufacturing discards could be incorporated into existing production processes and/or used to create new firms.