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Sayerville Urban Design Plan

Steven Zimmerman

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The large recreational land use serves as a major physical barrier, separating the neighborhoods in the west and north from those on the east


Development of this site and, in future phases, the adjacent baseball diamonds, can lead to the reconnection of Sayerville’s neighborhoods. Site development can lead to creation of a central public space. Low concentration of retail surrounded by plenty of housing provides opportunity for retail development.

Issues and Goals

Poor connectivity plague the circulation and neighborhood cohesion in Upper Sayerville. Focusing dense residential and Mixed Use around a central plaza at a key location in the new development will foster the creation of a neighborhood center in Sayerville. A plan to establish an urban grid in the development of the superblock will return connectivity to Upper Sayerville. Attractive and interesting retail, combined with a well planned and programmed plaza are critical to the success of creating a quality public space.

Instructor: Juan Ayala