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South Jersey Community Capital

New Jersey Community Capital. South Jersey Initiative: An Investigation of Workforce and Economic Development in Atlantic, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties

Giancarlo Di Lonardo, Lorena Guadiana, Connor Montferrat, Lauren Rava, Michael Soszynski, and Maggie Ussery

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This report creates a set of baseline data, information, and recommendations for New Jersey Community Capital’s “South Jersey Initiative.” The full report is organized in five chapters. Research and interviews with stakeholders in the public, private, and non-profit sector aided the creation of several key findings. The body of the report (Chapters 2-4) provide background information about the counties, workforce development efforts, and the current economic development sphere in the region. A chapter on analysis synthesizes data and on-theground perspectives to provide a more holistic view of the current situation in the region. The report then makes several recommendations regarding ways in which NJCC can directly or indirectly extend support to ongoing efforts in the four county target area. Several appendices provide further data and narratives about topics covered throughout the report.