Graduate Program

Welcome New KDI-EJB Scholars!

Welcome to the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University! Our robust virtual orientation program at the Bloustein School is the first step in ensuring that our scholars have a successful transition and integration into Rutgers and community-at-large. We are looking forward to your joining our school this January 2024!

Please note that on-campus housing requires that new students not check-in to housing units until Monday, January 8 in the afternoon and until the student has provided proof of COVID- 19 vaccination.  Please see the additional information below:


Please note that the University is closed for the Holiday season from December 23rd through January 1st, re-opening Tuesday, January 2nd.  We will be unavailable to support students during this time period.  This is why we require you to check-in for housing on the official start date of Monday, January 8th. See more information below under “Arrival Information.”

Action Items Below

Activate Your Rutgers NetID and Email

You will need a Rutgers NetID and password to access many Rutgers electronic systems including the housing application and your school email.

To set up your Rutgers NetID you must visit You will be required to enter in your first and last name. Under where it says “Identifier” select the “RUID” option and enter in the last four digits of your RUID number, which can be found on your application. From there you will then be asked to set up security questions in the case that you lose your password and then your Rutgers email address. Once you have set up your NetID please send me an email letting me know what it is.

Complete On-Campus Family or Single Housing Application

On Campus Family & Single Housing

KDI scholars live in fully furnished units at the Marvin, Johnson, Livingston and sometimes Buell Apartments.  If possible, we encourage you to make prior arrangements with our current KDI students to “take over” their existing apartments and let US know of your arrangements.

Benefits include:

  • Moving into an already furnished apartment
  • Avoiding having to transport furniture from one apartment to another during the cold month of January


  • “Taking over” apartments can only be done through arrangement with the current occupant. All other students will be placed in housing by the university housing office based on availability.
  • In this “take over” scenario, University Housing will NOT have the opportunity to clean out the apartments before you arrive.  Apartments have to be cleaned in advance by the last occupant.  Please communicate this with the current occupant so they are aware to clean the apartment before their departure!

As an example, the monthly rent for Marvin and Nichols Apartments is currently $ 1,572;  this amount will change (increase) in August 2024.  The contract you sign will be good through July 31st and must be renewed at that time. The monthly rate for a single apartment varies depending on where you are assigned. Once we receive your official assignments you can be provided an exact rate.


We will contact you directly when the housing application opens.  You will need to set up your NetID prior to completing the application and will use it to sign in to this website. Please see the below requirements regarding housing:

1) You must submit your housing application by going to Once you have logged in, you have to complete the Emergency Contacts (on left-hand side under the Menu) in order to see the link of “NB Graduate Family Incoming Application” or “NB Graduate Singles Incoming Application”. If you submitted the Graduate Family Housing Application, please email the following documents to

  • A copy of your marriage certificate
  • If you have children, you must also submit copies of your household registry from Korea as well as a Passport for each child.

* International students must submit an official English translation of documents.

2) Please note there are special restrictions and health protocols for all students on campus due to COVID-19. You can review some of them here.

More information will be provided when you apply for housing and accept your contract.  Please be sure to read your full housing application and contract.  All Rutgers students who are living on campus are required to have the Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine. At least one dose after the age of 16 or within five years of the original vaccine. If you already have Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination, please submit a copy of proof to the Student Health Office before your arrival. If you do not have the vaccination, please schedule an appointment for Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination in the Student Health Office once you arrive at Rutgers.

3) Please note that in your last semester here at Rutgers your housing bill will be adjusted to reflect your departure in December as you will be billed automatically through the end January.

If you have any questions regarding the vaccination, please contact the Student Health Office at For more information, you can visit their website at

Please note that while Rutgers Housing tries to provide you with your preferred option, there may not be housing available in the form or location you wish.  Every effort will be made to accommodate you, but keep in mind if housing is not available for the unit you wish you may need to accept another option.  Keep in mind, all housing contracts are CONTRACTS and require you to remain in place.  You may request leaving housing but the decision to allow your leave is up to Rutgers Housing.  For any questions regarding housing, please feel free to contact Ryan Kassis, Assignment Coordinator, by email at or by phone at 848-445-0750. You may also contact our office via Courtney Culler, Greg Marrero, Steve Weston or Sophia Jung.

Arrival and Flight Information Submission

As you know our program begins on January 8, 2024, and housing will allow the pickup of keys on that date in the afternoon.  However, we realize that some will make arrangements with their colleagues here now to transfer items and meet at an earlier date and arrive early.  Current KDI students must leave their apartments by December 31, 2023.  It is acceptable for you to arrive early, meet with your colleagues in late December, and put some of your belongings in the housing unit you will be taking over. This does happen every year.  However, please note that ALL residents must leave the housing unit no later than December 31 and turn the keys into the lock box.  The housing units MUST be vacant between January 1 and January 8.  This will provide housing the opportunity to examine the apartments for problems and make sure they are in good condition.  So while you may arrive early to meet up with your colleagues, you cannot remain in the housing unit.  You can pick up the keys on Monday, January 8th.  You will need to make alternative plans for January 1 through January 8.  Should you have any questions or want to ask questions about this policy, please contact Steve Weston at

Now, an important change to this year’s arrival of our KDI Scholars.  We will not be able to pick you up at the airport as we have in the past, due to COVID-19.  Please fill out the flight information form below and our staff will work with you individually on assigning a private company van pickup for you and your family or just your self if you are single.  Once you have determined when you are arriving, please fill out the “submit flight information” questionnaire below.

Submit Flight Information

Obtain Immunization Records

Rutgers University requires all new students to submit their immunization records at the time that they arrive in the US. These records MUST be translated into English.  If you are paying an outside translator to do this, the immunization records must then be certified by a Notary Public.  All immunization records must be printed on your physician’s letterhead. Failure to show your immunization records may result in a “hold” being placed on your grades and transcripts and you may be unable to graduate.

Pre-Entrance Immunization Record

Reminder: All Rutgers students who are living on campus are required to have the Meningococcal Meningitis vaccine. At least one dose after the age of 16 or within five years of the original vaccine. If you already have Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination, please submit a copy of proof to the Student Health Office before your arrival. If you do not have the vaccination, please schedule an appointment for Meningococcal Meningitis vaccination in the Student Health Office once you arrived at Rutgers.

If you have any questions regarding the vaccination, please contact the Student Health Office at For more information, you can visit their website at

Pre-Register Your Children

Free public schooling is offered to children in the U.S. beginning at age 5. If you would like information on enrolling children under the age of 5 in a private preschool, please let us know. In order to register your child/children successfully, you are required to complete the online pre-registration listed below and then complete additional information upon arrival in the United States.  All documents must be translated into English – including immunization records.

1.) Pre-register online. To begin the online pre-registration process please click on the link here: Online Pre-registration

2.) Once you have completed the pre-registration you will receive a bar code confirmation email from Piscataway School District.

3.) Within 7-10 business days you will receive additional information from Piscataway School District via email. Please check your SPAM folders.

If you can not access the link above please try this link.

Please see the additional information on Piscataway School District COVID-19 Information.

We will update the school registration information as it becomes available.

Student Health Insurance

All new arriving KDI scholars automatically receive student health insurance here at the University.  The fee for this will already be included in your term bills and a part of what you pay here.  This health insurance is very comprehensive.  Insurance for your family is also REQUIRED of each student.  Purchasing the Rutgers plan is the most recommended method.  If not, you must review any other plan you choose in advance with the Center for Global Services at Rutgers and Ms. Eirinn Jones, at The plan that you have reviewed must be exactly the same in coverage as the comprehensive Rutgers plan.  If not, it will not qualify.  Proof of this health insurance will need to be submitted to the Rutgers International Office upon your arrival unless otherwise purchased via the university.

Student Health Insurance


Drivers License:

In order to apply for a New Jersey driver’s license, a 6-point system of providing several identification papers is required.  A detailed list of the documents required is here:

All those seeking a license must bring their current Korean license with them or an International driver’s license translated into English.  ALL documents must be translated into English. As a non-U.S. citizen, you are encouraged to bring as many of these listed identification items as possible. For example, bring your Korean bank ATM card if it lists your name on it, bring your health insurance card if it lists your name on it, etc.  It is very important to be as prepared as possible when we go to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Each person seeking a license will need to pass a computer examination.  You can prepare for this examination by studying the driver’s manual which you can find above. A former KDI student and his wife created and have generously shared a Korean-language version of this manual (shown above).

Rutgers Bus System: Rutgers has a large student bus system that you can use to get around campus until you have your driver’s license.  Additional information on the bus system as well as bus routes and schedules can be found here on the Rutgers Transportation website.

Parking: Anyone who has a car on campus should purchase a parking permit.  To find information on permits and parking lots please visit the Rutgers Transportation websitePlease note, if you are taking over a car from a previous scholar you will need to ensure you have a valid parking permit for your vehicle.  Parking permits are issued per semester. Rutgers will ticket vehicles parked on campus without a valid permit.


During the Bloustein Orientation before the start of the semester, you will have the opportunity to meet with student services staff, academic program directors, and Bloustein School deans as we introduce you to the services that we hope will support your academic and personal goals.  We will discuss academics during orientation and complete registration, including discussing all course requirements.  Some of the information is also listed below for your reference.  Please do not register yourself for any courses.  The student services coordinator will register you soon for courses automatically and you will have the ability to change those courses during your academic orientation.  In addition, DO NOT pay for your university bill if one is charged to you.  You will pay your bill directly to the school and will receive instructions from Steve Weston.

Bloustein School Orientation Agenda (Coming soon!)

Questions? Contact

Courtney Culler

Associate Director for Graduate Student Services

Greg Marrero

Student Counselor for Graduate Student Services

Sophia Jung

KDI Program Assistant

Stephen Weston

Assistant Dean for Academic Admission