Student Organization

Rutgers Graduate Society of Healthcare Leaders

The Rutgers Graduate Society of Healthcare Leaders is a professional student organization for graduate students who are currently working or are interested in the field of healthcare administration. It focuses is on helping turn students into future healthcare leaders through academic and social events at Rutgers. It seeks to bring together like-minded students to help them achieve their goals of being future leaders in the healthcare industry, through networking, academics, and community outreach.

Board Members

  • President: Cindy Lira
  • Vice President: Emily Muha
  • Secretary: Divya Devulapalli
  • Recruitment Chair: Kaylee Tran
  • Professional Development Chair: Minal Amin
  • Academic Chair: Sergio Tlatenco
  • Marketing Chair: Caitlyn Coyle
  • Treasurer/Networking Chair: Feny Patel
  • Community Outreach Chair: Gabriella De Oliveira
  • Social Co-Chairs: Theodore Fisher and Nicole Candelario
  • GSHL Advisor: Prof. Jane Kaye