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International Development Interest Group (IDIG)

The International Development Interest Group (IDIG) is a Rutgers Graduate Student Organization aiming to generate interest in urban planning and policy within the international sphere, with a special focus on engaging in topics around improving the standards of living in the developing world. In the past year, IDIG has reached the Bloustein School and the larger Rutgers community with speaker events ranging thematically from:

  • International infrastructure development in Libya
  • Knowledge sharing between the Soviet Union and NATO countries during the Cold War
  • Urban solutions to refugee resettlement, housing, and transportation in Haiti, Jordan, Puerto Rico, and Hungary
  • The role of Big Data in issues of international development
  • Solutions for restructuring current legal standards of international organizations
  • Antomines in planning and holism as a methodological solution

IDIG functions as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, as well as a platform for collaborative work around various themes and geographies of relevance in planning and policy work in low and middle-income countries. Meetings and events are hosted throughout the year introducing students to professionals working around the globe. IDIG looks to build on the organization’s progress to reach out to new corners of Rutgers University and the regional academic community in order to further expand possibilities in international development. 

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