Student Organization

Women’s Leadership Coalition (WLC)

The Women’s Leadership Coalition (WLC)‘s mission is to inclusively bring graduate students together from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds and promote personal, academic and professional development. We strive to foster networking, collaboration, and career driven educational opportunities for women in graduate programs across Rutgers University. Though the organization is geared towards female graduate students, any Rutgers student or faculty member with interest in the organization’s mission may become a member. Members must attend at least one meeting or event per semester to retain membership. The Women’s Leadership Coalition holds an annual one-day Women’s Leadership Conference during the Spring Semester, aimed at empowering women leaders with hands-on workshops, interactive panels and thought-provoking keynote addresses. Other events include networking, leadership-building workshops, and discussions with speakers from diverse backgrounds.

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  • President – Alex Rittweger
  • Vice President – Jennifer Spiegel.