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Ban Fossil Fuels? Readers Had Strong Thoughts.

Mark Paul, an economist at Rutgers University’s Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, wrote that he’s a “huge advocate” of putting a price on carbon, as Ho is, but “we simply need to consider a far broader swath of policy tools to facilitate rapid decarbonization.

Why Don’t We Just Ban Fossil Fuels?

A pair of economists, Mark Paul and Lina Moe, wrote last year for an advocacy group called the Climate and Community Project in a piece titled “An Economist’s Case for Restrictive Supply-Side Policy.

Mark Paul Featured on The Majority Report

Professor Mark Paul joins Emma Vigeland on The Majority Report podcast, diving right into the inspiration for his piece on an Economic Bill of Rights (and his economic work as a whole) in seeing the richest nation in history make its citizens suffer through the 2008 financial crisis, both conceptualizing that wealth and why GDP doesn’t present the full picture of a country’s well being under capitalism.


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