Building back better:A national jobs strategy

The economic impacts of the pandemic on Americans, accentuated by the health crisis, is reflected in the proportion of individuals reporting pay cuts and layoffs.

Signs that Employee Activism is Growing

Union workers striking at General Motors and the ongoing push for a higher minimum wage may be a sign of a new era of worker activism. Workforce and labor expert Carl Van Horn says "even though profits of companies have been going up, people's paychecks haven't been...

With Jobless Rate Low, Why Aren’t Wages Up?

The U.S. labor market works generally on the law of supply and demand. When the unemployment rate is low, and businesses are hiring, employers generally hike wages to attract the workers needed to fill their open jobs. Even with the jobless rate at 3.9 percent in...

Senate committee hears voices of STEM workers

Rutgers University labor force expert Hal Salzman distinguished between a skills shortage and difficulties hiring workers at the price an employer wants to pay. Science Careers, March 23


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