Marc Pfeiffer

Proposed overhaul of NJ public records law

“You can’t really run a government if every draft document that you have of exploring ideas is subject to public disclosure, because it doesn’t represent a final government action,” Pfeiffer said. “You really can’t do business in a full transparent mode.”

Should state agencies help pay for events in Atlantic City?

One of the issues with these subsidies is the lack of accountability, Pfeiffer said. A 2019 report stated that CRDA failed to monitor the actual cost and economic impact of the Miss America Competition when it negotiated the second contract with the organization in 2016, according to an audit of the agency.

Controversial bill to revamp NJ public records law yanked

I would suggest there’s no pressing reason to rush anything through in a few months,” Pfeiffer told NJ Spotlight News. “The attention that’s been placed on this has given the Legislature and the governor the opportunity to really rethink how we manage public records in the state of New Jersey…”


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