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Departing RealPage Exec’s Flimsy Rant Against Rent Control

Let’s first consider the AER survey and New York study, which were both published over 30 years ago (in 1992 and 1972-89, respectively). As Rutgers economist Mark Paul has written, decades-old theoretical assumptions about rent control are being increasingly challenged by contemporary evidence:

Exxon CEO blames public for failure to fix climate change

For the U.S. to decarbonize in an orderly fashion, “restrictive supply-side policies that curtail fossil fuel extraction and support workers and communities must play a role,” Rutgers Univresity economists Mark Paul and Lina Moe wrote last year.

Ban Fossil Fuels? Readers Had Strong Thoughts.

Mark Paul, an economist at Rutgers University’s Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy, wrote that he’s a “huge advocate” of putting a price on carbon, as Ho is, but “we simply need to consider a far broader swath of policy tools to facilitate rapid decarbonization.

Why Don’t We Just Ban Fossil Fuels?

A pair of economists, Mark Paul and Lina Moe, wrote last year for an advocacy group called the Climate and Community Project in a piece titled “An Economist’s Case for Restrictive Supply-Side Policy.

Mark Paul Featured on The Majority Report

Professor Mark Paul joins Emma Vigeland on The Majority Report podcast, diving right into the inspiration for his piece on an Economic Bill of Rights (and his economic work as a whole) in seeing the richest nation in history make its citizens suffer through the 2008 financial crisis, both conceptualizing that wealth and why GDP doesn’t present the full picture of a country’s well being under capitalism.

We can still make a good economy much better

“Progressives do not have the power — at least not yet — to win an economic bill of rights,” Mark Paul concedes. “To see poverty eradicated, progressives will have to continue pressing their case — via mass movements and grassroots organizing, over the dinner table, and in the public sphere.”

The Story of Freedom: An Op-ed from Mark Paul

Meaningful freedom will only be won through embracing an emancipatory vision of freedom that guarantees people political rights, civil rights, reproductive rights, and crucially, economic rights. Together these rights provide people with meaningful choices to be, and do, what they have reason to value.

You Need a Heat Pump. Soon You’ll Have More American-Made Options

The green transition is going to generate upwards of 25 million new jobs [in the US] in the next 15 years—this is just going to be a tremendous transformation of the US workforce,” Mark Paul, an environmental economist at Rutgers University, told WIRED earlier this year. “You can’t outsource the installation of heat pumps or solar panels on somebody’s roof to China or Bangladesh.”


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