Michael Smart

Racial composition of road users, traffic citations, and police stops

The research focuses on the relationship between camera tickets and racial composition of drivers vs. police stops for traffic citations and the racial composition in these locations. Black drivers exhibit a higher likelihood of being ticketed by automated speed cameras and of being stopped for moving violations on roads, irrespective of the proportion of White drivers present.

EJB Talks with Professor Michael Smart

Michael Smart shares his background in transportation, discussing how his work with people reentering society after incarceration influenced his interest in transportation challenges and emphasizing the importance of meaningful research that addresses pressing societal issues and aims to impact real-world problems.

The impossible paradox of car ownership

Arizona State University Professor David King and two colleagues, Michael Manville at UCLA and Michael Smart at Rutgers, decided to look at the falling socioeconomic status of carless people in the United States. In a paper published in 2019, they found that the...


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