EJB Talks: Political Update with Stuart Shapiro and Amy Cobb

Stuart Shapiro welcomes back Amy Cobb MPAP ’18 for a political update in the final EJB Talks episode of the spring 2024 season. They discuss the potential consequences of Trump’s guilty verdict for falsifying business records in New York, particularly the consequences for the 2024 election.

Let’s Keep Focus on “The Line” in NJ Politics

If you’re not in-the-know, The Line is where you want to be on the ballot if you’re running for office in New Jersey. Candidates granted The Line by NJ’s political gatekeepers are almost assured of victory, especially in a primary election. That’s why NJ’s powerful political machines invest so much time and treasure into determining who gets the line and (perhaps more importantly) who doesn’t.

Bar part-time officials from full-time perks, incoming N.J. lawmaker says

“That doesn’t excuse individuals who have consciously abused the system,” said Pfeiffer, now a professor at Rutgers University. “But there are probably any number of cases where elected officials can spend 30, 35 hours a week in their job as an unpaid or low-paid elected official.

EJB Talks–Navigating a Politically Turbulent 2023 and the Ominous Prelude to 2024

We’re closing EJB Talks for the year with a discussion of the tumultuous political events of 2023, including the chaotic dynamics within the Republican Party, the potential ramifications of Kevin McCarthy’s replacement as Speaker of the House, the ongoing challenges in passing crucial legislation, and more.

The Story of Freedom: An Op-ed from Mark Paul

Meaningful freedom will only be won through embracing an emancipatory vision of freedom that guarantees people political rights, civil rights, reproductive rights, and crucially, economic rights. Together these rights provide people with meaningful choices to be, and do, what they have reason to value.

A state watchdog forges ahead, in an era of endangered oversight

Kevin Walsh had been an attorney for just two years when he picked a fight that would help topple the death penalty in New Jersey. As counsel to New Jerseyans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, he challenged the state’s lethal injection regulations, a battle that...

Newark Public Schools May Ask Taxpayers for $1 Billion Bond

The Superintendent of the Newark Board of Education may soon ask taxpayers to foot a $1 billion bond in order to upgrade buildings.  Superintendent Roger Leon made the announcement during a recent school board retreat, surprising observers because of the...


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