Reinventing our suburbs, our state, and our future

Here in New Jersey, it's time to anticipate new social and development patterns, reimagine our suburbs, and prepare for a new generation of prosperity. Start by considering some history, courtesy of the superb new book New Jersey's Postsuburban Economy by Rutgers...

Gov. Chris Christie's budget, by the numbers

And the reasons people are leaving are not limited to New Jersey's tax structure, said Joseph Seneca, university professor emeritus at Rutgers's Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. People retire and find jobs elsewhere, among other reasons, he said. "It...

Report: NJ lost $18 billion in income from out migration

The report follows earlier studies of the flows of residents in and out of New Jersey, and what they mean for the state economy. Business groups cite them as evidence that the state is over-regulating and over-taxing businesses and residents. Rutgers University...

Booming 'Burbs: Suburbia Shapes NJ Culture

New Jersey has been the scene of revolutionary warfare, manmade catastrophes and devastating storms, but nothing has transformed our state like the Baby Boom, the unparalleled population explosion unleashed by the end of World War II. As veterans returned from the...

Sweeney seeks N.J. voter help to fund pensions

If voters were to approve the amendment and the state contributed its share to the pension system, he said, "you would quickly be faced with the question of, 'Well, how do I plug the rest of the budget we've now consumed?' " That question is particularly relevant in...

Atlantic City facing possible default, Wall Street warns

Joseph Seneca, a Rutgers University economist, said Wall Street's warnings held no surprise. "The fiscal realities here and now though are pretty dire," he remarked. "The drop of more than 50 percent drop in the tax base is stunning. It has to have deep and...

Middle class is shrinking, says a new financial analysis

Joe Seneca, a professor at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, agrees that stagnant salaries have contributed to the problem. He also said in recent years “a lot of the re-employment after the Great Recession has been in...

5 things you must know about NJ job growth

"It's relatively small compared to the peak job growth of the late '90s," Rutgers University economist Joseph J. Seneca said. "But it's significantly stronger than what we thought it was, and we're off to a good start for 2015.", March 17


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